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I have some exciting news! Some of you may know that I am a writer! You may not all know that I have written a novel. And that novel (a historical fiction about a young girl who befriends a dying boy in the attic) is currently up for publication!

What is Unbound?

The publisher is Unbound, an independent publishing company with links to Penguin Random House. They are a unique publishing house as they are a crowdfunding publisher.


You can watch the video I’ve included to learn more about them but essentially Unbound publishes books that readers want to read and writers want to write. But the books are only published when a certain amount of money is raised. Essentially the author has to build the audience before publishing the book, whereas normally it would be the other way around.

The process goes like this:

  • A writer pitches the book to the readers via a web page: https://unbound.com/books/my-mr-keats
  • The readers decide whether they would like to read it.
  • They pledge money – in return, the pledgee receives a book and has their name printed in the back pages (among other rewards depending on the amount pledged!)
  • The money is raised to publish the novel over 90 days
  • The novel gets edited, designed, printed and produced through Unbound & Penguin Random House
  • The novel is published in eBook first, later paperback, and appears in stores nationwide

This is how authors such as Charles Dickens started out – marketing books to create an audience before publication. And it is an avenue I am now taking! And it’s tremendously exciting!

It is a unique way of publishing books but it is a form of publishing that a lot of successful authors are now taking part in! Writers such as Jonathan Coe, Katy Brand & Janet Ellis are currently funding their books on there. Unbound recently published the massive bestseller ‘The Good Immigrant’ which was partly crowdfunded by JK Rowling! It is an award winning company with brilliants credentials and I am very lucky to be working with them.

My Novel | The Pitch

It is called My Mr Keats and is a historical fiction novel set in the 1940s in the Lake District. The story revolves around a young girl who moves to the Lake District with her father after he is employed by a wealthy family as a live-in doctor. His patient is kept a secret and locked away in the attic and Kitty is told never to disturb him, but being an inquisitive 10 year at the start of the story she doesn’t listen.

It is New Adult (which means that it will appeal to readers of Young Adult to general fiction) and is a fully completed manuscript currently in the stages of editing.

I cannot get my book published without the help of readers! So I ask that you take a look at the pledge page, read the excerpts and synopsis and if you can/want to pledge money to get my book published.

In return for pledging, you will automatically receive a copy of the book once it is published, your name will also be published on the back pages as a patron. You can also get other ‘rewards’ depending on the amount pledged! All pledges are refundable! If not enough people crowdfund the novel then all money is refunded so NO ONE loses out! That’s very important to me!

If you have any questions please just let me know! If anyone can/wants to pledge I will be so grateful! To learn more about the book and Unbound check out my book page! Thank you!

Love Ellie x Unbound

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