Top 5 Favourite Gilmore Girls Moments

Gilmore Girls

Top 5 Favourite Gilmore Girls

In honour of the new Gilmore Girls coming out soon (21st November! Can’t wait) I thought I would do a simple Top 5 Gilmore Girls moments from the past 7 series!

When Jess came to Rory’s rescue and then backed away

Gilmore Girls 1

Sad way to sum it up. When Rory couldn’t turn off the sprinklers at her neighbour’s yard, she rushed into the street for help as her boyfriend wasn’t answering his phoneshe happens upon Jess who immediately goes to help her (even when she insists she doesn’t need it) at which point they have a moment. Only for Rory’s boyfriend to phone up saying he is on his way. A calm but clearly saddened Jess turns the sprinklers back on and leaves in a mist of rain in order to let Rory’s boyfriend ‘come to her rescue’ after all.
Aww! Coupled with a sopping wet Milo Ventimiglia. I wonder why so many of us enjoyed this moment.

Luke pushes Jess into the Lake

Gilmore Girls 2
It has to be the funniest and spontaneous moment of the whole series. The uncle and nephew have a spat but agree to get along but clearly, are both aggravated. As they both walk off together in a huff Luke lets out the last of his anger but simply shoving his nephew into the lake and continuing walking away.
Brilliant! I cackled.

Dean is the perfect first boyfriend

Gilmore Girls 3

When a boyfriend uses his affection for you to make your enemies jealous then you know you have a good boyfriend. I was not a fan of Rory & Dean the later years but he was the perfect first boyfriend I girl could wish for.

The Friday Night Dinner

Gilmore Girls 4

Anyone who says the ‘Friday Night is Alright for Fighting’ episode is not the funniest Gilmore Girls episode is lying! It’s brilliant. It literally sums up the whole series in one 8 minute scene and pushes the series forwards from an otherwise dead-point in the plot. It’s great!Gilmore Girls 5

Luke & Lorelai

Gilmore Girls 6


It was hard to pick a final 5th moment I really loved but I was so desperate for them to get together and when they did *bang!* it was great. From the first kiss to the first date, the first few weeks togethereven the break-up period was still pretty cute with Luke reading self-help books to get her back! So cute!


I love the series! I was late to the party but I sure as hell won’t be late for the sequel!
Let me know what your favourite Gilmore Girl’s moment is!


Love Ellie x

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