The Three Book Tag | Tag

the three book tag

The Three Book Tag | Tag

Today I am doing a book tag! I never wait to get posted in tags – as is the point – I just spot them and think ‘I’ll do that’. Today’s tag is the Three Book Tag.

The three-book tag is fairly easy to explain. Under each header, I am going to share three books that match that heading, for me. For example, three books that I have loved but only read once, or three-book series that I have binged.

If you want to have ago take part! Simply copy the questions to your blog and answer the questions below.

Let me know in the comments what you think and if you have any other book recommendations.

Three read once and loved

three books I've read and loved

Three titles watched but haven’t read

books i haven't read

Three characters you love – choosing only three is super hard

favourite characters

Three series binged…

binge watch books

Three unpopular bookish opinions

  • I don’t take book recommendations well
  • Honestly, I prefer audiobooks and ebooks to hard copy books
  • I watch the movie before I read the book if I can

Three current fave book covers

pretty book covers

Three goals for the year

  • To read eighty books
  • Try reading sixty new books
  • Read a classic

That’s it from the three book tag. What would your answers be? Have a go at the tag or put your answers in the comments below. And don’t forget to send me the link to your blog so I can see what you put.

Happy Reading!

Love Ellie x

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