The Best YouTube Home Decor DIY Channels

The Best YouTube Home Decor DIY Channels

The Best YouTube Home Decor DIY Channels

If you’re like me you always to want to play around with your room layout and decor.

Today we’re suggesting some top Youtube channels we think you check out in order to get inspired and learn how to DIY and decorate your rooms.

Buy or DIY (at Coral)

As the name suggests this channel makes amazing videos about buying or DIY’ing your own projects to make a room spectacular. You’ll be surprised by what Alex and Dani come up with, but each time it’s spectacular.

Alexandra Gater & Chatelaine

You might recognise a face here if you watch Buy or DIY, but before she was working with that channel Alex was also the Home Decor go-to for the Chatelaine channel and later started her own channel on the topic. Her videos are incredible and show you how to design and spice up your various living spaces from your bedrooms, offices spaces and outside areas.

Buzzfeed Nifty

This is a great channel for finding smaller projects to make a room. From a new spice holder made out of an old briefcase, or a table made of crates. This channel has it all.

Hermione Chantel

Hermione has a great channel full of thrift hauls, home DIY videos and general how-to videos. An eclectic mix that will help anyone with a budget or a new project in mind.

Check them out and let us know if you follow any of their DIY projects, we would love to see.

Love Ellie x

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