Ten Tips For Bloggers

10 Tips for Bloggers

Ten Tips for Bloggers

So it’s been over 3 years since I started blogging…unlike most bloggers I can’t remember. I can tell you that when I started it was originally because I wanted to be the next Zoella. I started a beauty blog back in my first year of university; one problem with that plan: I didn’t know how to use make-up!

I then moved onto book blogging and later started a lifestyle blog…and in January I culminated the two into this blog you see here!

Blogging, for me, has been a journey of a lot of changes and I’ve loved it! Although I wish there were more manuals out there on how the hell to do it! But that is why there are blogs in the first place!

So, after 3 years of learning here are ten tips for bloggers (new and old!)

  1. Be Active on Social Media

For the most part traffic is what drives bloggers. (Not always) but if you want readers and you want them to come back, be active on social media! You can focus on just one, be it Twitter or Instagram or you can spread yourself across all of them. But be sure to be active! No one wants to look at a dull, under-used Pinterest account or a sporadic Instagram if they’ve been sent there by Bloggers!

  1. Don’t Clutter your Blog

Don’t clutter your blog with widgets and pictures and loads of other stuff. Have widgets that mean something to your blog – if you’re a book blogger have a Goodreads Widget. If you’re a photographer have an Instagram Widget. You don’t need a Pinterest, Instagram, GoodReads, Bloglovin’ and god knows what else. Keep it relevant and keep it clean.

  1. Comment, Share, Re-Tweet Other People’s Posts

Being friendly and being a part of the blogging community are huge parts of blogging. It may seem a chore at first, but actually, it’s a great way to integrate yourself further into blogging. People are friendly, they want to chat and share content. We all started blogging for our own reasons, but most of the time we want to be accepted and a part of a community we like the look of. i.e. me wanting to be like Zoella.

  1. Take Quality Photographs

This can take time. If you’re using photography on your blog make sure that it is a decent photo. I am criminally at fault for this. I’ve never been one for photography – until recently – but I have seen a huge change in my blog traffic and blog perception from using a good camera, good natural lighting and taking photos in bulk. I did a lot of research into and I saved for a DSLR camera. But you can do it with an iPhone camera and good lighting!

  1. Twitter Chats

I can’t big these up enough! They’re so much fun and a great way to meet new bloggers and find new followers. They’re not a place to push content they’re a place to learn about each other and how we developed our blogs over time. I’ve met some of my favourite bloggers on twitter and they just want to help and I love to talk to them!

  1. Spell Check and Format Correctly

Another crime I am guilty of. It is all too easy to write a blog post and publish it without a second look. But this is unprofessional and can lead to bad reviews/comments and a lack of followers. You need to spell check and double check your blog posts to make sure they look as professional and enticing as possible. No one is going to want to read a blog post with obvious mistakes. And whilst some may creep in – it happens – you can get rid of the obvious ones easily! With a second look.

  1. Schedule your Tweets

A lot of traffic comes through Twitter and a lot of fun comes through it as well. To keep up engagement and to grow your following make sure you schedule your tweets in advance. I usually spend an evening after work, or a morning at the weekend, scheduling my tweets. I use Hootsuite but I have previously used Buffer. I’d recommend both!

  1. Get a Theme

By theme, I mean a background. Go on Etsy, look at other blogs for their theme code at the bottom or simply google ‘afford blog themes’ and find one that you like the look of. Blogger and WordPress themes are generally quite plain and because they’re free a lot of people have them! To make your blog stand out or suit your personality get your own! Some start from as low as £1 and they have additional attachments which saves you coding! Like carousels of images, Social Media buttons, and widgets!

  1. Find your Brand & Voice

You can cover all topics of blogging if you want: Career, Lifestyle, Fashion, Food, Travel, Books…but if you want to stand out from the crowd find your topic and brand it! Think colour palette, images, timings, contacts and brand advertisement! It takes time, no one ever does it overnight. Test things and find the thing that you love most! If this is a long-time thing you don’t want to burn out after only a few weeks! Find something that means something to you! And use it!

  1. Have Fun

Blogging is for you. It is not a company, it is a brand that you can build yourself. Never force yourself. If you’re feeling burnt out, take time off. If you’re feeling inspired, write as much as you want/can! Make what you want, happen! Learn to code, take photos, publicise and market your brand! Put it on your CV! Use it! Tell people about it! Blogging is fun and it is a great way to build confidence! So enjoy it!

I hope that helps! Have any questions leave them in the comments below! I’m happy to help!

Love Ellie x Memoirs

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