Surviving Life Post-University | My Experiences

Surviving Life Post University

Surviving Life Post University  | My Experiences

I have only been Post-University since May 5th. It’s the 29th of June and I feel like the world is ending.
Wellnot entirely. Brexit helped push me over the edge.
I am a person who does not do well unless she is busy. Busy can be that I simply have dates in my diary or I am working three times a week.
May was great for busy! I had a work experience placement at Penguin Random House, I was getting good feedback and working my way towards my dream career. I had a flat, some money, great friends and a support system at home! Woo! Ideal life!


Then June came. And don’t get me wrong, parts of it have been lovely.
I turned 21 and had a wonderful birthday! Plus I had two interviews, house/cat-sat for family friends and I was working part-time as an Invigilator.
But something was missing.
I was doing 2-3 hours a day of invigilating, maybe 2-3 times a week. The rest of the time I was at home, or house-sitting, applying for jobs.
I have applied now – I counted – for 59 jobs, this month! 59!
Invigilating is all well and good for earning a few pennies but it is boring as hell and it’s temporary. And it’s now over.


I got told by a visiting relative that I was miserable this week, and you want to know whyit is because I have nothing to do. She told me to go get myself a part-time job to fill my time. Easier said than done, and also not what I want to do.
If I am working part-time as say a barista or back at my old garden-centre, would I be any less miserable? No. Probably not. I’d be feeling stuck in a Barista/Gardening job which I didn’t want to do in the first place.
Does that mean working full-time is going to make me any happier? I look at my sister who is a primary school teacher with no time to even say goodbye to her best friend who is moving away and I think…probably not.


So why are Post-University students obsessed with finding a job?

1.    We think our lives depend on it. Our future lives do, of course but does that me we have to rush and panic and get in a tizzy about it?

2.    Money. When did I have money at university? My student loans went entirely on rent and food. The rest of my funds were savings I had to make last 9 months and top up regularly over summer, Christmas and Easter, due the prospect of going to university and being unable to work.

3.    Moving out. I want to move out as much as the next post-uni student. Not because I dislike my parents – I love them – but because I’ve had three years of freedom and now my meals are scheduled days in advance, there are routines to follow and my day is determined by what my family is doing, not what I want to do.

4.    Boredom. I am afraid of boredom. It is not good for me. Blogging helps, without it I would be watching Netflix all day and I’m doing enough of that already.
5.    Societal Pressures. I see my friends, particularly my teacher friends, walking into jobs now they’ve got their final grades. I see other friends striving for new experiences abroad, or in unexpected careers (becoming a baker is the latest!) and I see others working three jobs just to pay the insurance on their car and the rent of their flats.
We’re told that when you go to University you should be guaranteed a job. I have applied for 59 jobs.


Hearing Back From Jobs

I’ve heard back from 11 with rejections. And 3 with interviews.
Granted, in June I had a great interview experience with a PR company and was really hoping to get the job after feeling I gave as best as I could. But I missed out by an inch due to another applicant having more experience. This is okay as at the end of the day it was my first interview and you can’t help who you’re up against.
More recently though I had a pre-assessment interview for a law firm, which I found out today I’ve passed and been offered an interviewI don’t know how this will go but we’ll see.
And also today, typically (London Buses anyone?) I received a third interview offer for a recruitment company.
PRLaw FirmRecruitment
None of these were careers I would have thought to apply for before University and they weren’t really what I thought I would apply for a few weeks ago. But with Brexit, a bank account approaching minus funds and crippling boredom I’m open to anything.
But I know that in a few months, hopefully, when I’ve got a job I’ll look back at the last few weeks and think Why did I freak out so much?
It’s because I’m bored and I want to use my degree. I spent three years on it after all!
If you take anything from this particularly rambly post, take my advice: 

Don’t Panic!


Just apply for jobs, watch Netflix, do what you do to relax and try to remedy the frustration, as this is possibly the last time you’ll get complete free time until you either become a millionaire or retire!
Good Luck!
Love Ellie x

4 comments on “Surviving Life Post-University | My Experiences

  1. I'll try to bare this in mind in 2 years time when I graduate. I can imagine it being stressful. I am already stressed about finding placement for our professional work experience in college and it doesn't begin until January!! I can imagine it being so stressful. Best of luck with your interviews and hopefully you'll get something!


  2. It is stressful, but only because right now is the worst time to be out of a job – due to politics and money stresses – and you're still not sure what you want to do! You've just got to roll with the punches I guess, and be a little brave! 🙂

  3. Omg I was a mix with emotion when I graduated and had to go job searching! Definitely resonate with this feelings! That’s kinda why I started my career & lifestyle blog to escape the boredom and chronicle my job-hunt ups and down! Nice blog! 🙂

    1. Thanks hun! I get this 100%! I focussed a lot on my blogs after graduation! It made me fall in love with it again and also got me my job today! (I’ve done a post on that if you want to r ead it 🙂 ) Thanks for reading xx

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