Recently Watched on Netflix #1


Recently Watched on Netflix #1

Hi, my name is Ellie and I’m a Netflix-aholic.

Hi Ellie

Okay, so most of us are addicted to Netflix, some of us to Netflix and Chill, I am addicted to Netflix and chocolate…slight difference.

If this wasn’t already obvious from my Favourite Netflix Documentaries post it will become so soon.

Today I thought I would begin a new series of blog post each month sharing what I’ve recently watched on Netflix! So let’s dive in.

Designated Survivor

THIS IS THE BEST TV SHOW SINCE…since the last Netflix original TV show I binge-watched! Oh my God I love this. I really really do! My sister and her boyfriend binge watched the first seven episodes the other week and I was told to do the same, so I did. And yes, it is incredible. The story is based on a dystopian event in which the Capital Building in Washington DC is bombed during the State address. In reality when a state address is given – in which all the members of Congress, the Senate and the President attend – two members of the political hierarchy are taken to undisclosed areas and classed as Designated Survivors so that if anything does happen during the address there are always two members of government (one republican and one democrat) left alive.

That is the basis for the show and the Designated Survivor, in this case, is played by Kiefer Sutherland who was not only fired the day of the State of the Union address he was then made President of the United States. The series follows him as conspiracies are uncovered and he has to cope from being fired to being head of a country. It is addictive and really well-written with an extremely likeable main character and great acting all around! I’m about 4 episodes away from being caught up and then there are three episodes left to air. I cannot wait to see how this ends – and I PRAY that they’re doing a second season!

Casting JonBenet

I started watching this Documentary because it sounded interesting but about halfway through not only was I was horrified by the events in which the documentary is about but also creeped out by the uncomfortable way they’ve filmed the documentary. They have asked different people to come in and ‘audition’ for the roles within the drama-documentary of what happened the night a little girl, JonBenet, was murdered. But not only do they film and show that drama-documentary of events unfolding but they interview each person they’re auditioning to get them to tell the camera what they think happened and who killed JonBenet.

The murder is still unsolved and it is a fairly unsettling murder anyway – since JonBenet was a pretty little pageant girl, at her mother’s insistence. But they interview the children they’re auditioning as JonBenet and her older brother. So 7 to 12-year-olds, and they ask them about the murders and how they think someone killed the little girl. It’s kind of sick. I turned off about halfway through because there was no purpose to the documentary in the end and it was just getting weirder and more like recorded back-stabbing gossip.


I wanted to put a film on in the background while I did some work recently so I put Philomena on. This is one of those movies that I’ve seen countless times before but still affects me deeply. About an elderly woman, Philomena Lee, trying to find her son who was taken from her at an Irish nunnery when she was practically imprisoned there for getting pregnant out of the wedlock. What is beyond awful is the treatment Philomena gets from the nuns – not only back in the 50s – but in the early 2000s when she comes to them again for help finding her son.

The movie is done very well, and sticks to the truth with the performances being really sound, but the reality of the situation makes my blood boil!


Another background movie. Will Smith makes me laugh in this anti-superhero to standard superhero movie. Not all heroes want to be heroes, they just want to be good people. With a great twist and some funny one-liners and plot development, this is a solid movie.


Okay…so I watched this series for the first time thinking that it was going to be about a young lad who struggles to connect with his new step-mother. But in reality, it is about an annoyingly competitive and weirdly brought up lad who gets into a cooking war with his new – very vulgar – stepmother which ends up killing his father. WTF. This is not a happy, uplifting or in any way realistic story. And I didn’t enjoy it at all.


Who killed Jason Blossom? To be honest I don’t really car (although it was a  little surprising). I care more about the likes of what’s going to happen to the characters that are alive than the one who is dead. Is that wrong of me? We already know that Jason is a dick and that his relationship with Polly was a little off. I find Cheryl totally unreadable and utterly psychotic – same goes for Betty really – I quite like Archie and Veronica but everyone’s favourite character has got to be Jughead! With his sarcasm, one-liners and his intense yet sweet relationship with his alcoholic father…I just watch it for Jughead.

There are some of the programs I’ve been watching lately! If you’ve got any suggestions let me know! I’ve got my eye on some upcoming series which will be returning in June time so I can’t wait to start watching those!

What have you been watching on Netflix recently? Let me know in the comments below!

Love Ellie x

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