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Internships & Work Experience Bulletin

Publishing Internships & Work Experience Bulletin:

Hello! As of February 2017, I will be posting a weekly bulletin of Publishing Internships & Work Experience across all areas of the Publishing Industry!

For those of you that don’t know I work in publishing recruitment! I am an Administrator and Social Media Coordinator, and not too long ago I was unemployed. I completed a 6-month internship at a Literary Agency and a two work experience placement at Penguin Random House! Before applying for 57 jobs – hearing back from 6 – attending 4 interviews and receiving 2 rejections! Before I got a job!

I understand that boat of looking for work and hearing time and time again: ‘You need more experience’. It’s ironic since entry-level jobs don’t usually require a minimum of 6 months experience! But publishing is highly competitive and hugely popular business! Particularly with the growth of Blogging, Booktube and Countless TV & Film adaptations of books!

So…I am going to help! As best I can!

Latest Internships, Work Experience & Entry Level Jobs

Walker Books: Work Experience & Internships

Walker Books have a running WE & Internship. This means that you submit your CV and when they have an opening they’ll give you a ring. No deadline for this – so it’s well worth submitting your CV to wait and hear! Read more about Walker – a trade publisher – here.

Bonnier Publishing: Internship

Like Walker, Bonnier also have a running Internship! I heard back from them after 2 months of submitting – sadly I had just got my job – but it’s a very exciting place to work! Read more about the internship here!

Penguin Random House – Sqaure Peg: Summer Intern Editorial

Penguin Random House have released their summer internships! There are 7 in total and all really exciting and at different imprints and in different areas! This is an Editorial Internship! In London, paid. Learn more about this exciting opportunity here! 

PrePress Projects: Publishing Intern

A publishing internship in Perth and paid! This is in a Trade Publisher’s so take a look if you’re outside of London! Learn more here.

Penguin Random House – Ebury: Summer Intern Marketing

Another PRH internship, this time at Ebury and in marketing. Also in London and paid! Exciting times! Click here for more information.

Search Press: Intern

This is a great 3-month internship, paid, based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent! In a trade publication focusing on Arts & Crafts. Learn more about it  here! 

Polity Press: Marketing Assistant

permanent entry-level position as a Marketing Assistant at a prestigious academic publisher in Oxford. Click here for more details!

Eurospan: Sales & Marketing Assistant

Take a look at this permanent entry-level position as a Sales & Marketing Assistant at a prestigious publisher, in their STM (Science Technical Medical) division in London. Learn more about it here. 

Bloomsbury: Publishing Assistant

A fantastic opportunity at a prestigious publishers as an entry-level publishing assistant in their Humanities department. This is a paid full time job! An excellent chance for someone with some work experience in trade or academic publishing! Click here for more details!

Science Navigation Group: Administrative Assistant 

An entry-level admin position at a fantastic STM company in London! A full time administrative assistant is needed. Learn more about the job here!

Wiley: Journals Publishing Assistant

A great opportunity for anyone with an academic background as a Journals Publishing Assistant in Chichester! Click here for more details!

Other Criteria: Editorial Assistant

An interesting Editorial Assistant position at a design company, editing their arts and contemporary books! Sounds exciting and it’s based in Brighton. Learn more here! 

Taylor & Francis: Editorial Assistant

An exciting full-time entry-level position at an academic publisher in Oxford! This opportunity will go fast so apply now! Read about the job here.

Oxford University Press: Marketing Assistant

A brilliant entry-level opportunity at a prestigious academic publishing in Oxford! Great for academics or people with some publishing work experience. Take a look here for more details.

PGUK: Marketing Assistant

An entry-level full-time role as Marketing Assistant at a Sales and Marketing agency in London. Find out more on the IPG website here.

James Clarke & Co: Sales & Publicity

An entry-level and varied role has opened at James Clarke & Co, and it’s sister imprint Lutterworth Press. They publish non-fiction and academic books. Read more about the company and the job here. 

Emerald: Books Commercial Administrator

An exciting entry-level role has opened at Emerald as a Books Commercial Administrator. Fantastic opportunity for people with office admin experience, as well as a love of books or a background in publishing. Take a look here for more details.