My Publishing Experience: Student Wordsmith

My Publishing Experience: Student Wordsmith

As I have said over a few blog posts, especially in my New Year’s sum up, last year was the first year that I got published.
I was published in an anthology of short stories/poems/advice/lists, called ‘You is for University’.
The anthology was put together by the wonderful people of The Student Wordsmith, a student created/run organised started by Sophie-Louise Hyde at Loughborough University.
Not only was I published, not once but three times, I was also incredibly lucky enough to receive first prize for one of my entries into the anthology: a short story called: The Cubicle.
My prizes included a gorgeous canvas with my story printed on it :

The Cubicle

The Cubicle 
is set entirely in a ladies toilet cubicle at a university nightclub and revolves around two best friends, one of whom is drunk and the other who has recently broken up with her boyfriend. It is a comedy of sorts, but also a tender story of two best friends.

I had to do a reading of my piece possibly one of the scariest things I’ve ever had to do at the book launch which was a really fun evening. It included readings from three of the other winning entries into the book, and also a chance for us to all look at the book, and other Student Wordsmith publications, for the first time.
The evening ended with an incredibly powerful performance of several poems by a guest poet: Shruti Chauhan Check her out, her poetry was brilliant!
All in all, it was a wonderful evening, incredibly humbling and enjoyable – even when I was wearing the exact dress as another girl! You’ve got to laugh – particularly when her mate goes ‘she has better legs than you’! (Get in!)
The night itself was one of the best experiences I had recently and one that I would like to repeat when I get the chance.

The Book

The book itself is filled with brilliant pieces from other students and would be a great addition to any students packing next semester/year! M
My dad purchased one for his goddaughter, as she’s off to university next year, and I think it will make for a much less nerve-wracking, more excitable process thanks to the comical, honest stories and poems within the anthology.
I will forever be grateful to the Student Wordsmith for being my first platform for my writing, and also for giving me the award which is beyond humbling as a young writer I also think that it is a great platform for all young writers.
So for any potential student writers out there: go and take a look! There are often open submissions for the literary magazine: The Purple Breakfast. And next year possibly another chance to be in the ‘You is for University’ anthology of 2016. Check the website or their facebook page for more details on that.

Love Ellie x Student Wordsmith

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  1. Congrats Ellie! Really, that's an awesome accomplishment. I can imagine that reading your work aloud might have been a little stressing. You've done it though, so that's just another awesome memory to cherish from that day 🙂 Also, this canvas is really nice. It'll be a tangible memento of your first published work. Congrats again ^^

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