My October Favourites 2016

October Favourites

October Favourites

My October Favourites as bursting this month! For once! Partly because of the use of my Bullet Journal system which happens to be my first favourite!

Bullet Journaling

October Favourite 1

Who knew being organised could be so much fun! Some artwork here, bit of writing there some lists every other page…! Great fun! It’s helpful and enjoyable. And has kept me much more organised which is perfect as we’re coming into Christmas and I need to be readyit’s like my version of the Olympics with the amount of family I have.

Ambulance (BBC Series)

October Favourite 2

I downloaded this on BBC iPlayer to watch on my commute to work and boy was it addictive watching. It was only 3 episodes long but incredibly insightful into the life of a paramedic in London. It also revealed how little the NHS, particularly the ambulance service, have to help the most populated city in Britain. Only 288 ambulances were out on duty one evening – the ambulance hub had to pick between cardiac arrests and overdoses because there weren’t enough paramedics to get to them. How awful is that

Harry Potter & the Cursed Child

October Favourite 2

An obvious one this month. It was so incredibly, wonderfully overwhelmingly good and I take back every single thing I have ever said that may have been bad or derogatory about it. It was hilarious, moving, fantastically performed and executed. The best play I’ve ever seen – and I’m not just saying that because it is Harry Potter but because the production itself was incredible.


October Favourite 4

Partly because of my excitement for Harry Potter and the need to document it and also because I have just been promoted to Social Media Coordinator at work and am spending a lot of time on Twitter I am loving the social media system at the moment.

White Chocolate Cookies

October Favourite 5
My latest food weakness. Be it Co-Op or Tesco’s I need White Chocolate Cookies at the moment. Sooo good! Who knew they could taste so good? Very unhealthy, which is probably why they taste so good, but they are delicious and a great snack at my desk.


October Favourite 6

A new design website my boss introduced me to in order to make infographics for my company. I now use it for everything! Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Infographics and Blogging! I have one personal and one for work and so far the images I’ve made – from layouts with my own pictures – have been well-received and great fun to make! It is also through this website, and the graphics I’ve been able to create that I feel that I got my promotion so I am really enjoying it!
An odd selection of favourites but there we go! Love it!
Let me know what your favourites have been?


Love Ellie x

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