November Favourites 2016

November Favourites

November Favourites

 So it is now December which meansit’s nearly Christmas! It also nearly a New Year! Exciting, huh!
But before we get into December and full-on Christmas mode (just kidding, I’ve been in Christmas mode for weeks!) let’s talk about my November Favourites!
I’ve had a quiet a nice mix this month, starting with:

#LovetoRead Campaign

An odd favourite to start with, but when you commute to work and BBC iPlayer is on your phone you grow to love BBC documentaries! One of my favourite picks for the month of November was anything to do with the #LoveToRead Campaign the BBC were running! They did several 30 minutes segments on books written all over the UK – I love the Rebel Books one the most – they’ve also done a documentary on Virago! And I love Virago – my dream publishing imprint to work for! (It’s a Feminist imprint, don’t you know!) Great work from the BBC!

Teen Wolf

Now, for some bizarre reason, we don’t get Teen Wolf in the UK anymore! They stopped airing it after season 2 – which is why we only get up to season 2 on DVD, TV, and Netflix! I, of course, took none of that and have seen all the current series – and season 6 has just started airing! It is my favourite show – mostly for the humour, definitely not the special effects – they’ve announced that season 6 is the last season. How will I cope?  


This month I’ve been doing a lot of writing! Fiction writing, blog writing, and just general writing! This started with NaNoWriMo which, as usual, I failed! But it got back into writing after a 6-month slump so I’m happy! I’ve written a full short story, a half-finished short story, the beginning of a new novel and I was getting back into editing my old novel for a reason which may now have gone quiet againI shall keep you updated! But I am happy to have been writing again 

Red Spine Vintage Classics

I love that my Red Spine, Vintage classics collection has been growing and growing this month! I know for a fact my mum has jumped on the bandwagon – and for anyone who has a mother who collects things as obsessively as my mother, you know that this is a good thing for your book collections! – I have also been collecting more myself! My classics shelf is looking awesome right now – although I have run out of room entirely!


Christmas coffee! Starbucks, Costa, Café Nero…what are you doing to my bank balance and waist line! I am addicted to coffee, most noticeably: Costa’s Gingerbread Latte and Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha. Best thing sincewell, regular coffee!
Quite a good selection of favourites this month and we all know what’s coming nextChristmas! Expect lots of unhealthy, wonderfully glittery things, in next month’s favourites!
What did you love in the month of November? Let me know in the comments below or share some of your November Favourite’s post with me! I’d love to have a nose!
Love Ellie x

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