Moving on Home | Graduate Life

Moving on Home

Moving on Home | Graduate Life

So yesterday – 21st May 2016 – I moved home again.
I had officially finished university and completed my two-week work placement in London so decided to pack up and move home.
Yay and Nay!
There are consequences and celebrations for this new step in life:


         I have a fridge that is fully-stocked, always!


         I have a shower that is actually a shower and not a drip from a tube
         I have my own room, with relatively thick walls, which means no more rabbit-sexing-snoring-morning-singing-6am-waking-girls living next door to me! WOOP!


         I have all of my possessions with me at all times! (no more ‘fuck!’ moments when I realise I forgot to bring my coursework back from home over Christmas!)


         I have a decent washing machine – which I have promised myself I will continue to use and not just let my mother do use – so  far I’m failing in this quest…


         MY BOOKS!!! MY BABIES! Have been returned to me!
         And also my cat J


         I am living at home again. I’m 21 and have no independence, beyond that of my bedroom without a lock…


         My older siblings remain…we haven’t all lived together as a family, without the prospect of at least one of us leaving in September, since I was 15.
         Several family members have insomnia/early working hours which means that mornings can be fairly early (a morning to me is the hour between 11 and 12…now it’s like…8!)


         No retail therapy is in walking distance anymore.


         My room feels strangely ‘young’ since I ‘decorated’ it when I was 18 when I was obsessed with Harry Potter, Hunger Games and ‘London’ posters.


         All of my university friends are back at university (they commuted)


         My best friend is down in Brighton


         I have no job which means no money. Currently.
Okay…pretty even field. Mostly though I’m happy.
I’m with the people I love, I still have relative freedom and the facilities are a lot better than those of my University digs!
So…what did I do on my first of post-uni life…I went for a coffee and a catch-up with my best mate Freyja.
We met up to  official start her post-grad blog: CHECK IT OUT!

It’s was lovely afternoon, filled with lots of laughter and memories, and also talks on our future and politics (so grown up!)

We cemented the meeting, the beginning of our post-uni lives, with several selfies; proving that still – after three years of university – we cannot take selfies without a stick.

Here is a before and after shot of our last night before we headed to university for the first time and now our first day back. We’ve changed all for the better I think!


Speak soon guys!

Love Ellie x

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