I am moving my Book Blog!

Today’s post is a little sad and a little exciting.

I am no longer going to be posting on my Book Blog: EllesBellesBookshelf.

I am not shutting my book blog down – it will remain up at its current URL – but I will no longer be posting over there.

The reason being: I don’t want to have two blogs on separate domains, hosting sites etc. Also, ever since moving this blog across to WordPress & going self-hosted I’ve felt that my book blog has slipped in quality dramatically.

I am going to continue writing book blog posts! But on this blog!

You can expect at least one book blog post a week! So don’t worry about that! I will simply stop posting on EllesBellesBookshelf.  

It’s a new step in the right direction, but I am sad nonetheless. I started EllesBellesBookshelf in my first year of University – 3.5 years ago! It was my baby! And it kept me sane! I’ve met great people through it, and I do love it! But it seems a little silly to have two blogs as a blogger. And now I’ve got more space and self-hosted it seems like the perfect time to move my blog across!

I’ve never been too fussed about statistics. It’s great to see them grow but quality over quantity. I’d rather leave that blog behind and start anew with this one and build up those statistics again, all in one place!

So…If you are a writer, publisher or publicist looking for bloggers to host blog tours, Q&A and reviews I am still your girl! You can find out how to contact me here! 

I have several bookish events on here, including a book launch and blog tour, so I will be posting all of them on here! Can’t wait! And I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this blog!

EllesBellesNotebook: a Book, Careers & Lifestyle blog!

Love Ellie x Book Blog

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