Monthly Favourites | June 2016

June Favourites

Monthly Favourites | June

June is almost over. That’s a shameexcept it hasn’t been the best month. Where the hell is Summer and what the hell has happened to our country.
Not that this post is going to be politicalanother time methinks.
No today is a positive post about my favourite things I’ve been loving this month!
Without further ado lets jump in!



OMG! WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS HAVE BEGUN ALREADY AND I HAVE TO WRITE IN CAPITALS BECAUSE SEASON 6 WAS THE BEST SEASON EVER! AAH! Okay, that’s enough capitals. Season 6 was incredible, the finale was brilliant and I cannot wait for the next season, but of courseI have too! Loved it!



I have been having a very big month of feminism. Feminist reads, feminist twitter chats, feminist discussions etcSo much. I love it. I feel like I’m really developing my opinions and the kind of person I want to be because of feminism.
Top reads: Girl Up by Laura Bates & Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham



I love this city. I’ve done several bookshop crawls over June and have spent a few days just milling around. I also got caught in the worst rainstorm ever but hey it was fun!

Bullet Journaling

I am very much in love with my bullet journal. For anyone that wants to see how I started it just click here for that blog post. I have found the process to be really relaxing, creative and yet also useful. I feel more organised for having one and I’m so glad I started it on a whim!

Sex and the City

I’ve been watching a lot of TV lately – when not hunting for jobs – and this just happened to catch my eye. I first watched this series as a 14-15-year-old girl so to re-visit is as a 21 year was quite an education. I definitely got more of the jokes this time and can appreciate the relationship of 4 women making their way through singleton territory!
I’ll leave it there for this month! It was a mixed month, but I am enjoying my favourites.
Love Ellie x



2 comments on “Monthly Favourites | June 2016

  1. It was an alright month 😉 Game of Thrones is soooo good! It is gruesome though so I guess you have to a high-tolerance of that…and the patience to get through 6 seasons to catch up 😉
    Ellie x

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