March Favourites 2017

March Favourites

March Favourites

March was a good and bad month. There were plenty of good things but sadly a lot of bad things happened too.Bad things which I can’t talk about but definitely affected a lot of my loved ones.

Anyhow, focusing on the happier things, I have 6 March Favourites!

Let’s jump right in!

March Favourites:

The first two favourites I had are two TV shows!


This version of Roots is a remake of the Roots series from the 1970s which blew up televisions it was so popular! This is an American re-make which aired in America to huge buzz last year but only recently made it to BBC4. Which is a shame – because it was fantastic! It’s revolting, shocking, heart-breaking and so well acted!

The story focuses on slavery and in particular one-line of slavery from an African warrior called Kunta Kinte who was kidnapped by a rival tribe and enslaved in America. The four episodes focus on him, his daughter, her son and then his family. And it is fantastic as it makes you feel so deeply for these characters and does not flinch away from the truly awful horrors of the slave trade.

It is unspeakably awful and this TV series really affected me. Well worth a watch!


Clique is a series which is currently airing on BBC3, and finishes on next Sunday (9th). I can’t stop watching this series! It is a thriller set in Edinburgh about a group of University students who have been hired as interns at a financial company. The story starts off calm focusing on two best friends at university, but it becomes so much more! You will be wondering what the hell is happening, who’s to blame, who’s good, who’s bad, what will happen…throughout! It looks at the intensity of female friendships, feminism and so much more! Watch this TV series!

My next favourite is a little obvious from a previous blog post from last month:

80s Music

I recently did a blog post of my favourite 80s songs, which you can check out here. I love 80s music, always have – you can’t not in my family. At the moment I am writing a novel in which 80s music is important to the plot, so I’ve been listening to it an awful lot and loving it! It’s my go-to playlist on the train home now!

London Book Fair

A publishing industry event, now! This month was the London Book Fair, an industry event mostly focused on selling book rights abroad. I love the book fair! It is so atmospheric and all about books – what’s not to love! It’s also a fantastic place to meet publishing professionals, attend book/writing workshops and meet some celebrities – Ruby Wax is wonderfully bonkers! – Most of my co-workers think I’m crazy for having so much fun, but I really love the LBF! I did a vlog for my company at the fair, which you can see here. So check that out if you’re interested!


Carrying on from my 80s favourite – I am writing a new novel! This is wonderful, as I had real writer’s block for the last year and now I can’t stop writing! It’s been fantastic so far and I can’t wait to finish the book so I can start editing it and pulling it into shape. I’ve been writing a lot in cafes and on trains, I’m people watching and listening for inspiration and I’ve been so inspired recently! I can’t wait to continue!

Last but not least…


I have been social this month! Woop Woop! As an introvert, this impresses me! And makes me happy. Last week I went out for a friend’s birthday which was great – the hangover was strangely non-existent as well! Get in! – I’ve attended some publishing events including a BookMachine event with Sanne Vliegenthart from BooksandQuills on YouTube. I’ll be doing a write up of that soon. I’ve gone flat-hunting, talked to people on twitter, hung out with my co-workers and just generally hung out and chatted to people! That makes me happy.

But there we go! There are some of my favourites for this month!

Check back next month for next favourites! But what have you been loving in the month of March? Let me know in the comments below! Or send me a link to your favourites blog/video! I’d love to have a nose!

Love Ellie x

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