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Life Updates

Life Updates

I was just dancing around my university bedroom full raver style to the Jonas Blue Remix of Birdy’s Keeping Your Head Up and I thought:
‘I should write an update post on my student blogit’s only been two months!’
Sorry. No excuse been busy, been down, been all around and so just haven’t sat down and typed in a while.
All sorted now.

I’m single no this is not an ad for the lonely hearts but to me being single is like saying ‘I’m free’. It means I haven’t met the right person yet and the person I was with wasn’t for me.
Don’t worry, this is not a ‘I hate my ex’ post because I don’t hate my ex. I believe we split up in quite good, hassle-free terms and I wish him all the best.
Although I am only human – I still occasionally get the urge to text a Game of Thrones spoiler at 3am GAME OF THRONES LAST NIGHT! OMG! MY LIFE IS MADE! I am one happy camper right now J
This is not a spoiler…I’m in a good mood right now 😉

Summary time:

      I passed my driving test In February I haven’t been in a car since and feel like I’ve forgotten how to drive already. But I passed first time with only 1 minor. Get in!
      I’ve finished my novel, sent it to literary agencies and have had two agencies request to see the full manuscriptfingers crossed peeps!
      I’ve finished University! Well almost I’ve got two exams one tomorrow (don’t worry, I have been revising!) and another on Thursday (yes, that’s three days from now. My university is cruel) But I have no more lecturesever!



      I went to the London Book Fair and pitched two books to various agents/co-agents/publishers etc on behalf of the literary agency I intern at! OMG! Amazing experience, terrifying but incredible! And they sold the best chocolate brownies I’ve ever tasted!
Okaybigger things


S-W-A-Ns stands for The Student Wordsmith Awards Night.
Some of you may remember a previous post about my being published with the Student Wordsmith see post here but this year they held their first ever SWANs to celebrate all of the work that everyone’s done over the last few years.
I was nominated in two categories and won 1! Yay!


It was lovely evening, and it was lovely to see some of the people I met at the Book Launch in December as well as getting glammed up with my parents, and spending the following day at the wonderfully beautiful Central Railway. Lovely jubbly.
Next: I am officially a playwright!
I had four of my 10 minute plays produced and performed by the wonderful Drama Society at my university, and it was wonderful!
Each play was a comedy set in a university under the collective title of The Chronicles of University and I was terrified and exhilarated that something would go wrong or the audience wouldn’t laugh on the night.
But it was great!
Everyone appeared to enjoy it audience, cast and friends and it was such a rush to see my own plays performed, and perform in them myself.
My final acting experience possibly was of my own plays. What a great way to bow out literally.

What else

Ooh! I went on holiday! Nothing special simply Center Parcs! Had a blast with all of the family friends.
      Ate way too much food


Plus a starter and dessert…oh so full!
      Went swimming and survived the dreaded cyclone ride! Not to mention got heavily bruised on the rapids!


      I didn’t lose adventure golf. I didn’t win either, but I didn’t lose.


      I painted a lot of pottery. Long story


      Had a relaxing spa day with the girlies swimming outside in a hailstorm was interesting.


      Laughed a lot!


      Realised how badly I suck at serving in Badminton.


      Played pool and didn’t do as badly as I thought.


      Saw lots of squirrels, ducks, moorhens, deer, birds, geese and a stoat. Becausewhy not.


      Had fun.


I love holidays. I needed it to.
I think those are all of my casual life updates. Nothing too special but nothing unhappy either. Life is good.
I’m soon to move home, permanently, for the first time in three years I have to survive living with my siblings again (my poor parents) and then it’s job, job, job. Until I find one basically.

Rightback to revisionbye.

Love Ellie x

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