July Favourites

July Favourites

July Favourites

How it is August! Oh well, July was great! For once I am happy to say that I’ve had a fully wonderful month.

I have a brand new cousin – a beautiful, very premature but incredibly strong cousin. Ayla Anne – I have attended my first ever Young Adult Literary Convention (YALC) and we’ve had a heatwave in the UK. It’s been great.

Here are some of my favourites for the month of July.


I have finally began writing again. After editing my latest novel God Help the Girl I am in the throes of planning a brand new novel AND I’m editing the full manuscript of My Mr Keats. Although my Unbound journey is over I still have hopes for my historical YA and I am working at revamping it right now.

World Cup

I can’t believe how into the World Cup I got this year. I genuinely rushed home from work to watch the England football matches on my own in the flat. The semi-final was a bit of a bust, but the England squad did us proud. I also discovered my neighbours were Croatian.

Harry Potter

July marked the end of my 8th year of re-reading, or re-listening, to the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. I listened to the complete series via Audible across two months and it was wonderful. Until next year!

Tombow Pens

I’m not a doodler or an artsy person so my bullet journal is pretty minimal and functional but this month I decided to add some colour. I got three Tombow pens at Foyles in London – one pink, one blue and one yellow – and went through my bujo and highlighted the page titles and filled in any doodles I had done (like flowers and hearts) and my bujo looks SO much better! It’s also really fun.

Trump Baby Blimp

This month, on Friday 13th no less, a tragic excuse for an American President visited the UK. To mark the occasion a Trump Baby Blimp was flown in Parliament Square and my work colleagues and I took an early lunch to go and see it. It was FAB!

Trump Baby Blimp July

My family may have freaked out and worried that I was going to get arrested but it was very chill and actually a fun atmosphere. I didn’t go on the protest – although I kind of wish I had – but I felt very unified with my fellow anti-Trump protesters.


This month has been a great reading month. It is my joint-second best reading month of this year with nine books read/listened too! And only two of those were Harry Potter re-reads! I’ll do a full wrap-up in a few weeks with more details.

The Bold Type

I have a favourite TV series to add to my favourites this month. I love The Bold Type! I watch it via Amazon Prime and I’m addicted. It’s everything I love in a series: diversity, friendships, feminism, writing… it was like it was made for me. The first and half of the second series is live now. GO AND WATCH IT!


This month saw me attend my first ever Young Adult Literary Convention and it was great fun. I’ll do a full post on my antics over the first two days this week but some highlights were the Dear Evan Hansen flashmob, seeing Jason Momoa up close (twice!!) meeting Tom & Giovanna Fletcher (again) and buying lots of books.

YALC July 2018

Also hanging out with the bloody lovely Hannah and Jenny from Hello Me Its You. Go check out their website: hellomeitsyou.org

What have you been loving this July? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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