A Few of my Favourite Things: January Edition

January Favourites

It is finally February and I really hate these first few months of the year! I do not get on with the post-Christmas/pre-Spring blues. It’s always raining and gloomy, you get up in the dark and get home in the dark, you’re constantly tired and depressed and you’re broke.


What’s not to like, ay. I don’t know why I’m complaining.
Yeah. Well. There are some good things about this month as well though, but not many unfortunately. But here’s a list nonetheless.


I always do my best reading in January and the New Year as I restart my Reading Challenge and set myself a new number to aim for this this year that is a minimum of 60 books and so I am pumped and raring to read. Already this month I have read 9 books and I am quite proud of myself as usually, I average out at 5 a month! So woop woop!


I have been on a writing roll this month! Not only have I been published again, in the 4th edition of The Purple Breakfast Review, I have also been accepted for publication in another magazine: Popshot! Which is coming out in April. AlsoI spent 2 weeks locked in my bedroom writing my novel I went from 92 pages to 367 within around 12 days! Get in! I am feeling so inspired right now!

My Riots Class

This sounds weird I know but I mean my History class. We’re studying Rioting in Britain in the 1700s at the moment and since it is my third year I finally have a solid group of history mates. We’re odd ducks. We all get coffee beforehand, get pumped to argue with our tutor who we discovered likes to post her thoughts on our class on Twitter and then we giggle and joke around, whilst also proving that we know more about the subject than she thinks when she claims that ‘we don’t pay attention’. Basically, we’re misbehaving children yet we know what we’re on about when we’re discussing riots. I predict a riot alright 😉

The Sims 2

With all the dreariness of the weather and lack of sunshine getting S-A-D over here! I have returned to my Sims 2 days. I’ve pretty much have the whole set and there is something pleasurable in being able to run lives and create family trees and then, for no reason for whatever, find new ways to kill or torment them. Yep, I sound like a sociopath, it’s what you do in games: COD, Assassins Creedthey’ve got nothing on putting Sims into a swimming pool and then removing the ladder out! Evil! Mwah ha ha..!

War & Peace

Anyone else been watching this BBC series?! It’s so good! I really like Pierre the way he can just sit on a trench during a major battle and say ‘I don’t appear to be afraid’, total hard-ass weirdo! But also because he is just such a lovely character. This entire production seems to hold every British actor that I love from James Norton, Jim Broadbent to Jack Lowden I almost got run over because of Jack Lowden so he will forever hold a special place in my heart! I cannot wait for the finale next weekend!
That’s actually it. I think. Like I said January is kind of a dreary month. Luckily it is over and now comes February. Yeahgreat.

Love Ellie x January
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