How to Experience Hygge in your Life


A Hygge Life

I love the idea of Hygge (hoo-gah) and I’m spending more and more time trying to incorporate it into my life.

Hygge is a way of living which supposedly makes you a happier person. A term from the Danish, the country with the happiest people inhabiting it. To experience Hygge is to take genuine pleasure from small, everyday things. Such as: a warm drink, fluffy socks or a home cooked meal.

I’ve noticed that I’ve spent a lot of my time on computers lately – going from a work screen to a home screen with a commuter train in between. I haven’t been experiencing much joy in everyday things.

The other night I decided to switch off.

Part of Hygge is turning off your phones and screens in order to block out the negativity of that world and remain in your own little bubble. So I did, or I tried. I spent longer switching off then I did when I switched off. At first I thought I’d just check my Twitter – I scrolled. Then I thought I’d schedule my Instagram so I could leave it – I scrolled. I felt guilty for scrolling, which is not a part of Hygge at all.

If that makes you happy then go for it.

But I decided to switch off completely. I got myself a cup of hot chocolate, put on my comfiest pair of pyjamas and snuggled up into bed. I had the cat, fairy lights on and my book. It was very calming. One thing is for sure, I would happily do it again!

There are very simple ways to create a Hygge:

  • Turn off your electronic devices – it’s harder than it seems!
  • Use dim lighting – lamps, fairy lights – not over-head lights

Hygge Fairy Lights

  • Snuggle in a crook or cranny – think top of your bed, comfiest armchair or sofa
  • Blankets! More blankets – be as warm and cosy as possible
  • Hot Drinks – be it a tea, coffee, chai latte or hot choc as long as it’s warm do it!
  • Nature – If you can have a campfire that’s great, open the windows, listen to the birds or nature outside
  • Friends – not all Hygge has to be enjoyed alone
  • Candles – another form of light as well as a great way to stimulate the sense of smell

Candles Hygge

  • Over-Sized Jumpers & Fluffy socks – comfy clothing, wear your baggy grey joggers if it makes you happy
  • Books – the best way to relax, in my opinion, snuggle and get cosy with a great book to enjoy

Little Book of Hygge

Perfect. There are many ways to experience Hygge but these are my personal favourites.

How do you experience Hygge? Have you got any suggestions? Does it even work for you? Let me know in the comments below!

Love Ellie x Hygge

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How to Experience Hygge

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