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Call for Guest Posts

I am an ardent feminist. You might know that if:
1.    You know me.
2.    You’ve read my blog.
And I am also a bookwormwith a library cardso I’ve been reading a lot of feminist literature lately! See my Why does Feminism = Abuse post for more on that.
I am currently reading the book I Call Myself A Feminist edited by 5 different women filled with 25 chapters on feminism written by notable women under the age of 30, plus quotes from other women in-between, about feminism.
There are chapters on workplace feminism, the beginning of feminism, the development of feminism etc and many more to go – as I am currently only on chapter 4!
This book, plus the three others I have read lately:
      Girl Up by Laura Bates
      Girls will be Girls by Emer O’Toole
Has spurred me on in my feminist writing endeavors and I want to hear what other people have to say! Particularly other bloggers and writers!
Twitter is awash with Feminism! There are feminist twitter chats, feminist book clubs, feminist projects and many, many more feminist related topics on there! There is also a helluva abuse as well – again, see previous feminist post.

Why I’m Looking for Guest Posts

The reason for this post, aside from mentioning these great books and feminist outlets, is to ask for bloggers & writers – of any degree of experience – to get in touch in order to guest post on my blog.
I have yet to decide how many posts I will take and for how long this project – which is currently nameless – will go on for. But I want to try it! As I want to discuss it and see everyone’s opinions on feminist, from topics on body-hair to pornography to Everyday sexism and more!
If this is something that interests you then please get in touch and we can sort something out!
To contact me you can get hold of me on Twitter at @ElliePilcher95 or via my blog-related email:
If you contact via either please make it clear that it is ‘’guest post related’ as otherwise I am likely to delete it as spam.
I look forwards from hearing from you all and I give you forewarning that feminism is a topic that is here to stay on this blog! For many, many years!
Love Ellie x


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