My Game of Thrones Tag

Game of Thrones Tag

Game of Thrones Tag

So Game of Thrones season 6 is almost at end she says sitting in a corner crying and I have definitively labelled it my favourite show.

 I am a GoT conspiracy theorist now I’m driving my father, and myself, crazy.

So when I stumbled upon this tag, with the impending Battle of the Bastards tonight sounds like a regular family wedding to me I thought I would have a go.

Which season did you start watching and what got you into it?

I’ve watched it from the very beginning and actually it was the adverts that made me want to watch. Sky Atlantic did a killer job with advertising for that first series, every time we watched that channel there was an advert for GoT and it got me interested. That and Sean Bean. My mother saw Sean Bean and demanded that we watch she got scared after the first episode, which is probably good seeing what happened to Sean later

Books or TV show?

As a Bibliophile, who has read the books, I should say books. But noTV show. George R R Martin had his chance to catch-up 4 years! and he hasn’t and now the TV show is amazing and far less complicated, impressively.

 You are born into one of the noble houses, which is it?

I’d actually want to be a Mormont. Not only for Lyanna Mormont the kick-ass kid but just because they all seem decent. The Lord Commander, Jorah and now Lyanna. Sounds good.

If you could have one of the other a Dragon or a Dire Wolf, which would you choose and why?

Oh Dire Wolf. Definitely Dire Wolf. They’re just so much friendlier.

What has been the saddest death for you?

Lady. Hodor’s death was tragic, among others, but Lady Sansa’s dog death was unnecessary and heartbreaking. She shouldn’t have died! DAMN YOU JOFFREY!

Out of those dead, or presumed dead, who would you bring back and why?

WellLady, of course, but alsoOberyn, just so I could un-see that death. Oh! And Khal Drogo, because Daenerys needs a hug.

Who were you most happy to see killed?

JOFFREY! Come on! Close tie – hopefully, from tonight – RAMSAY BOLTON.

Who do you think would make the best spouse? (Think logically and not just who you think is best looking!)

Tyrion. Smart, well-endowed and funny. As long as he lets me do my own thing occasionally, I think it could work.

 Out of all methods used to kill on the show, which would you rather use to kill and which to be killed by?

Dark question! If I were to kill I wouldshove a spear into a guys head whilst he prepared to fight my sister. Didn’t see that coming did he. And if I were to be killedYgritte’s death. Shot by an arrow and dying in my true loves arms. Sounds way more romantic than it wasbut then again when is death ever romantic?

‘When you play the game of thrones, you or you did.’ Tell us your favourite quote from the show.

Valar Morghulis. Simple.
Now for the tag. I tag any and everyone who is a GoT fan! You’ve got to do it!
Love Ellie x


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