February Favourites 2017

February Favourites

February Favourites 2017

Time for my favourites from last month: February! I had a bit of crappy month last month, got to be honest, but there was some good things too!

Here are some of favourite things of last month!


I’ve recently updated my Pinterest account and I’m now using it daily! It is strangely addictive and a lot of fun as well. All of my images are Pinable and I try to include a Pinterest Pin-Able image each time! Check out my Pinterest account to see what kind of Boards I have and leave your links in the comment below! I’m always looking to find new accounts to follow!


After nearly a year I’ve finally got back into writing! My last writing project – outside of my Creative Writing degree – was my novel My Mr Keats which is currently being crowdfunded for publication on Unbound! I’m still doing work on that novel, but at the moment I’ve started to write another a novel! This will be my 4th if I complete it! I’ll be doing regular updates on my twitter so watch out for those! And in the future, I’ll be doing more blog posts on writing! Yippee!

Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf is airing it’s final season this year! The first part Season 6A aired over Christmas and finished at the beginning of this month! Obviously, I’m in the UK so I had to get up early to watch it on American time! So I’m glad it’s over so I can sleep but at the same time, I adored the series finale! Dylan O’Brien – who plays Stiles my favourite character – was hardly in this series due to injury and scheduling, but in the last episode he was back and it was glorious! Funny, Sweet and moving! Can’t wait/Dreading the end of this series!

London Southbank

The other week me and a friend spent an absolutely fab day in London and for the first time, I walked down Southbank! It was the day after they started filming the 10-minute short sequel to Love, Actually and I was feeling a bit fluttery just being there. But Southbank is gorgeous! We sat by the National Theatre and chatted about GoT and other films and there was a book fair under one of the bridges, street performers (Charlie Chaplin was giving selfies) and the atmosphere was just fab. I can’t wait to go back; bring a Pret and a book and there is a perfect afternoon right there.


Another TV series. I needed something to watch on my morning commute and since Netflix has (finally) added a download button I’ve downloaded the first three series of Suits! I’m now on the 4th and am officially addicted. But please, for the love of God, tell me that Donna and Harvey get it on! Pairing made in perfect heaven! Love of bit legal office banter in the morning. Definitely worth checking out!


Yes, I am back into my feminism. I never left, but I’ve got back into my research and reading. I’ve now started researching the history of Feminism rather than just the modern focuses. It’s been fascinated so far and giving me a lot of research I can use in my current novel! Watch this space!


I am seriously addicted to chocolate. This is another long-term favourite but one that has seen me being very unhealthy this month! I think it is perhaps time to join the gym!

There we go! My February Faves!

Not the best of months personally, but I’ve found some new and re-ignited some old favourites this month! I’m looking forward to seeing what next month’s favourites will be!

What were your favourites from February? Are there any TV shows or other favourites of your own I should check out? Comment below! I’d love to hear!

Love Ellie x Favourites

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February Favourites 2017 Pinterest

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