Famous Authors I’ve Yet to Read

Famous Authors I've Yet to Read

Famous Authors I’ve Yet to Read

Following up on my post about the Famous Author’s works I have read, and would like to read more of,  here is a post about famous authors I’ve yet to read works from at all.

Virginia Woolf

It’s to the detriment of my feminist-reputation but I’ve yet to read any Virginia Woolf. I’ve got nearly all of her books, but never been inclined to pick up one of them.

E.M. Forster

I’ve had a real desire of late to read A Room with a View. I love the adaptations of E.M. Forster’s books but I’ve not read any. I got 13% of the way through Howards End last year before I put it down, as it was too cerebral for my tastes. But I think his other works are a little less so, and so therefore easier to read.

Henry Fielding

I’ve got a copy of Tom Jones, another story I love the adaptations of but have never read the book. It’s quite a substantial book so I know that it’s definitely the size that has put me off.

Angela Carter

Another feminist icon who I’ve yet to read. For my English A Level I read a lot of extracts from Angela’s books including The Magic Toyshop and Wise Children but I’ve never read a single book of hers cover to cover. I have tried on occasion but struggled with her writing, which is also quite cerebral which is against my tastes it seems. I think I need to start small, maybe with The Bloody Chamber which is collection of fairy-tale re-tellings before I dive into a novel of her’s.

Aldous Huxley

Ever since moving to London I don’t think I’ve gone one week without seeing someone on a train reading Brave New World. It seems to be a leading commuter book. Now that an adaptation is coming I think it will be in vogue again and I would like to get around to reading it before I see the film.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Don’t shoot! But I’ve never read a single Sherlock Holmes story. Not one. Not even a snippet. I’ve no idea what Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s writing is like, let alone how the plot unfolds. One for the ‘must-read’ before 30 list.

Thomas Hardy

I don’t think Thomas Hardy and I will ever be friends. I’ve tried numerous books of his and always stop reading after about Chapter 4. I don’t understand his writing style and the plots are also superfluous to me – and very anti-woman in my opinion.

George Orwell

How have I gone this long without reading Animal Farm or 1984 I don’t know. I know that 1984 is particularly popular again right now, but I’m not sure I fancy reading dystopia in the current climate.

What famous authors are you yet to read? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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Famous Authors

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