How I Edit my Instagram Photos

HowI Edit my Instagram Photos

How I Edit my Instagram Photos

For anyone who has followed my blog for the last few years will know that I’ve only recently got into Instagram. This is mostly due to my lack of a decent camera. Something I’ve recently remedied!

I recently bought the Canon 1300d camera. It put a dent in my bank account but I absolutely adore it! I’ve already seen a huge difference in the impressions of my blog and also my Instagram!

Now, taking decent photos is not the only thing that needed to change. I also had to edit them better! So…

I went out and found some decent editing software. I recently downloaded the free photo editing software: Polarr. It is so good.

Like Canva or PicMonkey there is a free basics program you can use – which is really good – which you can later pay to upgrade and get more from. At the moment I am still an amateur so I don’t really want to pay, but also the program seems pretty good as it is!

My Editing Process:

I will take as many photos as I possibly can on a Saturday. I’ll take photos of many different things. I need a minimum of 7 photos a week (one for each day of the week) but I also need photos for my blog and Pinterest account!

I rarely plan my photography – unless I know I need a particular photo for a blog post. For example, a book haul.

I have many different props, including some bright pink silk flowers and some marble effect stationary.

Maybe not surprisingly I take most of the photos on my bed. My bedroom is yellow and wooden, and the only light is from the one window. The natural light only falls on my bed, which leaves me with little choice but to take photos on my bedspread: a white Primark blanket with reindeer’s on it.

Yet, surprisingly, it doesn’t look to bad!

I take photos of from above, the side, left, right etc. Any angle really. I then download them to my computer.

Editing on the Computer

Normally I’ll have taken at least 200 photos of about 10 different layouts. So I go through them all and delete the blurry ones, any with odd angles, bad lighting or easy-to-spot changes.

Once I’ve selected the best ones I download them to Polarr.

Polarr 1

I select the one I want from the left-hand side, just by clicking on it and then it appears on the main page.

This is the easy bit. I choose my design setting and then make alterations depending on the lighting of the pictures and the angle etc. I do it by eye basically.

My go-to design setting is Faded. It brightens the picture so much! Which is what I need the most. I then bounce up the brightness (depending on the colours) and then maybe alter the saturation – to make other colours pop – and turn down the clarity which the setting bumps up too much for my liking.

Polarr 2

And then…that’s it.

I click on the button in the top right-hand corner and save – reducing the size to 810×1210 (or smaller depending on the size of the image. The image I used in this tutorial was actually a Pinterest image, but it’s the same process for all of my images!)

Instagram Polarr 3

I hope that helps you to edit your Instagram photos. Be sure to send me links to your Instagram accounts! I’m trying to follow everyone!

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How I Edit my Insta

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