Dear Tutor

Each and every essay you write for university should be written and formatted in the same way so as to not create confusion amongst students, staff and moderators. Wellthat it a lie, depending on University.

My history tutors each have different ways of marking and whilst their marks are moderated there is certainly an aspect of preference within the final grades.

One such tutor preached to my class with clichés and criticisms as a means to get her preferences of essay-writing across a month after we handed in our final essays!
These were my two favourite sayings:

      Waffles are for breakfast, not for essays

      Full-stops are friends. (I really wished she had said ‘not food’ at the end of this one!)

Now these are two basic lessons we students should all learn, and one lesson I think my tutor needs to learn, however, is that all of us are over 18 years old! Not to mention that teaching us how to write essays a month after writing essays is not helpful!

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