Dear Student Boys

What part of walking down the street with a mate, seeing a girl walking along and minding her own business gives the student-boy (a boy still in need of evolution) the right to start yelling: ‘bouncy, bouncy’ at her tits as she passes?

You what?!

1.   Firstly, they weren’t bouncing, there are some days when I cannot findthem let alone bounce them as I walk!

2.   Secondly, in what world is saying that allowed? In private or public? I don’t know you, young-white-student-boy, I don’t even know if you are a studentbut you’re the right age and no one in their right mind aged 18-25 would want to live anyone near my University unless they were a student!

I know that there is already a lot of debate on the male treatment of women compared to women’s treatment of men and you know whatHell yeah! Let’s debate!

Recently a few friends of mine went to a drag-party, one of our Drama Society members turned 20-something, and although I didn’t go the pictures, the videos and the general chit-chat about it the following day let me know one thing:

The boys, in dresses and full on Priscilla make-up, were not happy with the way the girls, in their gangsta suits, treated them.

They didn’t enjoy it when the girls, with their strap on dildos (or simply sock-stuffed underwear) rubbed up against them, or when they came up to them and said ‘Nice tits!’ or yelled ‘Banter! Banter’ when one of the boys tried to stop them being ‘rude’so if men don’t like it, why do they think women do?

It is an age-old question which unfortunately almost every woman will come to ask herself eventually, student or not.

Why do men think saying sexually-charged, rude and ignorant comments about our tits, clothes and faces is ‘okay’?

Is it lad culture at its worst? Ignorance at it bests? Or simple rudeness.


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