Dear Reader

Well done, you made it passed my atrocious new blogging space If I had the money to fork out on a new design (and/or the courage to ask for one) this space would be a lot prettier! As it isimagine pretty things: vintage shabby chic designs with teacups and floral prints, which seem to be all the rage currently!

Pretty! 🙂
I want bunting!
Sowith that awkward introduction I introduce: me.

Hi, my name is Ellie, what’s yours – tell me in the comments below! I like meeting lovely people J I am a student, that much I’m sure you’ve guessed, and I am talkative one. I study History and Creative Writing and for a while Acting which I later dropped and have since taken up as a hobby instead! One day I’ll explain my reasoning!

As for me as a person: I am a gingery blonde human being who only just got her braces off I hate orthodontists for ruining my teenage years! and I love reading, writing and watching films. I also have a book blog @: so go check that out if you like reading, book reviews, tags and general fun-ness!

What is this blog about:

1.   My student life advice, what happened to me (and so could possibly happen to you if you’re a student) my awkward adventures, my lack of adventure and general University-goings-on.

2.   My life (hopefully) as a graduate: going into ‘adult mode’ or 9 to 5 desk jobs and bad suits/hairdays. To be honest I already have most of that down, just need the degree to finalise it..!

3.   Good old fashioned opinions which some of you might hate, in which case: Lets Debate! J

They’ll be other things to, like: Hauls (clothes, books, make-up), Exciting giveaways (eventually) and tags! I like a good tag!

So there we have itI hope I haven’t freaked you out yet? Here’s a picture of a cute kitten and a duckling to soften the blow!

WellI’m going now! Enjoy my blogging adventure! J

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