Dear Organisation

I don’t know about you students but I am have an exam timetable, looming coursework deadlines and a definite month of revision! Place that alongside work, a looming summer filled with (hopefully) some days/nights outso, I bought a planner!

It is the A5 Paint Splodges Organiser and it can be found in shops. I was looking for the link online but I couldn’t find it but just do a search and it may show up! It cost £22 – £19.80 with student discount I know that this is fairly expensive for a planner but once you have bought it, particularly Paperchase planners, you just have to buy the inserts every 18 months and you have a planner for life or least a couple of years! The inserts are a mix of prices from £2-£5 and they’re really good quality.

I like the inserts from Paperchase, which come with the planners, but I want to add my own dividers as otherwise they are plain why and I can’t be doing with that!

The dividers are made out of scrapbook-paper, from American Crafts, Maggie Holmes ‘styleboard’ 12×12 paper pad which I got months ago from TK Maxx. I simply traced the layout of the previous dividers onto the piece of paper and then cut it out and hole-punched it. Ta da!

I would recommend using cardstock or a thick paper to base these papers on, or use this type of paper generally, otherwise the dividers can be flimsy which it not what you want as you’re presumably going to pulling and turning these pages a lot.

In addition to these new dividers I also added some ‘project life’ cards onto the covers to give it a little depth and some pretty sayings. Also, on standard white sticky notes I wrote out the divider names: ‘Diary’, ‘Addresses’, ‘To-Do Lists’ etc.

Very simple, very easy if a little time-consuming but now I have a pretty planner all ready to use and start writing/organising everything for University!

I would recommend as a student and as a general idea that all students have planners cheap little £1 ones you can get in Poundland or fancier Paperchase ones its up to you but there is nothing worse that the feeling you get when you miss your coursework deadline by an hour because you thought it was at 5pm not 4pmor when you miss a really interesting workshop because you though it was Tuesday not Monday etcit’s just helpful for keeping track!

So with that I’ll leave youhappy student life! J

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