Dear Historians

I have spent my first official weekend off University revising for examsso maybe not fully ‘official weekend off’yet. I have two exams in the next two weeks, both history which brings me onto the title of this piece.

I have to revise the historiography of a great many historians over a great many decades for a simply half hour essay on one quote! Ok, I don’t need to know dates or the actual name of the historians but I have to know their debate, what that debate led too and whether or not it is reliable!

Historiography is required in pretty much all History essays, at least at my University, but I have never done a historiographical test in an exam so this is new to me.and bloody frustrating! If I have one weakness with regards to History, although there are quite a few, my biggest weakness is remembering Historiography.

I want to argue historians point of view but I often find these point of views in textbooks rather than the historians own books which means I have to cite the textbook and my tutor discovers how wide my reading isnot very.

Whether it is laziness of simple confusion I’ve no idea. One things for sure I wish Historians would put their argument simplyin their introduction and not dance around it for word count! Something along the lines of: ‘Many Historians have argued but I disagree and say it is this ’ and I mean simply!

Why can’t History essays be like Horrible Histories??
Right thenbetter stop procrastinating and get back onto this historiographical debate which is anything but riveting!

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