Dear British Politicians

Who the hell am I supposed to vote for! There is obviously no point in asking the politicians of the world as they would each say ‘them’ of course, but they don’t actually give me a reason to vote for them. Whatever they say in their manifesto I never actually know if that is ever going to come true: remember the Liberal Democrats promising to scrap tuition fees? Then they rosehmm.

73% of students in this country are eligible to vote in this years election and by eligible I mean they signed up for the vote! now that is a lot of people. Students are a major force in the election campaign yet the campaigners never seem to give much precedence to uswe’re the ones that in twenty years time are going to be the ‘head voters’ as such so you’d think at least one party would start early and actually give us something to vote for!

But not really. Lib Dems have once again promised the end of tuition fees and even Labour have made a compelling argument. UKIP don’t give a toss about anything that isn’t EU or immigrant-based, at least not in the major campaigns, and, well Conservatives don’t seem that fussed at the moment.

There are of course other parties in which to consider but none that are very likely to be voted into the top position who actually holds a relative degree of power to change things

So, I and many others are left with a dilemma: who do we vote for?

Do we choose the lesser of evils, is this what British Politics has come to? If there were a box to bring back the monarchy I’d probably tick it right about now but that isn’t going to happen, even with Prince George and his soon to be brother/sister interesting people!

Almost 1 in 6 students don’t know who to vote for and many don’t plan to vote at all Girls! Remember women died for this vote, and boyswell if you don’t vote you don’t have the right to complain if anything goes wrong! Apparently, and I say apparently but students intending to vote Tory, in a recent study by the Independent, came from Private Schools and have a strong situation/idea of a career after university and the students voting Labour were from a more state-school backgroundnow I don’t agree with that but that’s some statistics for you

 Nowfor anyone like me who struggles to ascertain which political party stands for what and how they intend to fund/begin/end any of the promises they make read this article by the BBC:

You may find you find a party that appeals to you or proves/disproves what you felt about other parties. Personally for me my head is now turned away from the Conservatives towards the Greensbut considering the Greens weak economic policiesI am still confusedI will make my choice on General Election day, as will many, but remember our opinions are our own. No discrimination allowed! J

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