Day In the Life of Univesity Student :)

So a lot people ask me what I do at university. They either think I’m studying or I am partying. I often think that students in America and other countries do this to so I understand the confusion, but the perceptions of university are not what people think and are different for every student.

This is a day in the life, for me, at university.


7:00am I’m asleep.

8:00am I’m still asleep.

9:00am I am trying to stay asleep, but I am most likely awake.

10:00am I am still in bed, but usually on my Ipad or computer watching some TV show such as Once Upon a Time, How to Get Away with Murderor Arrow.

11:00am I am up. I am in the shower.

11:30am I get dressed and then sit at my desk and dry my hair, often whilst watching something on Netflix or some Booktube videos.

11:45am I put on my make-up and do my To-Do List.

12:00pm I start my prep for the day. I have Creative Writing at 4 so I make sure that I have completed my writing practice for that afternoon. I also prep for tomorrow’s History Seminar by printing the sources for that week. Normally I pack my bag with all the books I need for the lectures I am attending and put music on my ipod to listen to as I walk down to university.

12:30pm I leave my house to walk to university.

1:00pm I meet the Creative Writing Magazine team at the university pub for lunch and a meeting. We discuss deadlines, submissions and plans for future editions.

2:00pm I go to the library and do any work I can. This can include prep for a coursework finding quotes and sources Writing creative writing pieces or highlighting key points in my seminar reading.

3:00pm I go and find my friends Hannah and Leanne, who have just come out of their lectures, and we have a catch-up in the library whilst doing whatever work we need to.

4:00pm Hannah and I go to our Young Adult Creative Writing class. We often listen to our tutor talk and watch youtube videos for the first hour.

5:00pm Still in Creative Writing, this is the moment we begin to ‘workshop’ our ideas for future pieces, or discuss pieces we brought with us.

6:00pm We get out of class and walk to the bus stop.

6:30pm We’re usually still waiting for the shuttle bus.

7:00pm I finally get home and promptly get a drink out of the fridge usually a can of Sprite or glass of Orange Juice and then I head upstairs. I open my laptop and continue with whatever work I see fit.

7:30pm I choose a movie and let it load whilst I go downstairs to make or prep dinner. Tonight I had an omelette with ham.

8:00pm I am eating dinner and watching ‘Casino Royale’.

9:00pm I usually skip most of the movie and get back to work or do some blogging. One post for my Book Blog and one for my student blog.

10:00pm I upload both blog posts and then shut off my computer and get ready for bed.

10:15pm I get into bed, take my make-up off with make-up wipes and watch some YouTube videos on my ipad.

10:45pm I put my ipad and phone on charge, setting my alarm for the next day and get my book out currently I am reading two: Downton Abbey Season 3 Scripts by Julian Fellowes & Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks. I read ‘Downton Abbey’.

12:00pm its midnight and I like to sleep (see morning for more details) so I mark the page in my book, turn off my light and go to sleep. I usually zonk out straight away.


And that is my daily schedule for Monday’squite dull, yet quite busy also. I make sure I wash up, clean my room and do any errands I need to during the day also but these are boring details that I fit in when I can.

As you can see I don’t really party I’m much more of an ‘eat, sleep and read’ kind of girl and my idea of studying is in the library between lectures.

Everyone is different and I bet every other student you know has a totally different plan of their Monday’s, but there we go! This is my life.

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