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Currently No. 1

So I am starting a new series of blog posts on this blog so as to make me post a little more than once every few weeks. This is a ‘Currently’ post in which I have to explain what I am doing at this moment/today under the titles given:
Fairly simple and quite a nice little task to do every so often J
So without further ado:
Feeling: Slightly hungry, should probably head downstairs and make food in a minute. Also freezing cold!
Craving: For some reason milkshakes. I really fancy an Ed’s Diner Chocolate Milkshake right now.
Reading: Today I finished ‘Spectacles’ by Sue Perkins, which was so funny! But I am also reading ‘The Book of Lost Things’ by John Connolly & ‘The Lord of the Rings: The End of the Third Age’ by J.R.R. Tolkien.
Watching: Oh! So many TV shows! Teen Wolf on Wednesday’s, Jericho on Thursday, Call the Midwife & War and Peace on Sunday’sand many more.
Eating: Currently I’m snacking on Malteasers but I really should stop and go and put my dinner in the oven. I will be having a Fish Pie.
Drinking: Not an Ed’s Easy Diner Chocolate Milkshakebut a can of Sprite.
Buying: Tuna and Cucumber Sandwiches from the Co-Op is something bizarre, but tasty, that I keep buying recently. But also, unsurprisingly, books. I’ve bought 4 books so far, this week as in Monday to Wednesday from charity shops
Missing: My cat, Wendy. I went back to university this week I miss my family too, but I can speak to them on the phone or over facebook I can’t speak to my cat. I miss her. It’s her birthday tomorrow as wellyes I’m that sad.
Enjoying: My internship. As you all, probably, know I started an internship a couple of months back and I have finally started to come through that ‘I-don’t-know-what-the-hell-I’m-doing’ stage and am now really enjoying doing the work. I think it’s all fab, I’m learning loads and everyone is so nice!
Wearing: Because it is so cold I am currently wearing two cardigans and a cropped jumper. Why did I choose a cropped jumper? I’ve no idea.
Lusting After: Again, unsurprisingly, books. I am going through books at such a rapid rate and I know that I am not reading them as quickly as getting the books themselves but there are just many good ones I really want to read right now!
Waiting For: Holidays! I am going on holiday twice this year! My last holiday was to visit my sister in Plymouth and that does not count! I’m going to Center Parcs with a whole bunch of family and friends and that is going to be amazing! Plus New York City with my best friend in August! I can’t wait!
Okay, so there is my list of ‘Currently’s’ that I am partaking in at the moment. I hope you enjoyed and I shall do this every so often just to fill in the blanks of my life and update you as well as have an excuse to post!
See ya!
Love Ellie x No 1
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