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Commuters Playlist

A Commuters Playlist

I commute to work. The actual traveling is not so bad – it’s the cost that makes my eyes water! But on the bus, train, underground and then finally the walk  I get to listen to a lot of music!

With the relentless commuting, I have developed a routine for the trains! In the morning I will listen to music – in order to wake myself up! And then in the evenings I’ll read a book or watch a TV show on my phone to wind down.

On my iPod I have a playlist which I flick back and forth through, which is full of indie songs. I have no specific favourite when it comes to music, but I often hear my favourite songs on TV shows/movies!

Here are a few songs that have been littering many of my commuter’s playlists lately! A very eclectic mix.

The Songs:

Some fun, some sad, some moving and others just down right dance-y.
What kinds of music do you like listening to on your commute, or just generally in and around the morning?


Love Ellie x

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