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Bullet Journal Update

So it’s been 3 months since I started my Bullet Journal and I thought it was about time I did an update.
Now I am not the world’s greatest artist – I wouldn’t even say I was that arty, I just appreciate pretty things and occasionally attempt to re-create them (they often wrong – but that is the beauty of a bullet journalit doesn’t matter!)
I have been using my journal non-stop and apart from being great fun and incredibly relaxing I have also found it to be incredibly useful and keeping myself organised!
Great huh!
So without further ado here are some of the newer pages I have been using lately!

Bullet Journal Pages

Bullet Journal 1This is my Wishlist/Expenses page. Even though I’m working commuter costs really take their toll on pay check and I had to plan ahead for each purchase I make. This page keeps me on track of my finances and my wishes very prettily. Although I haven’t made many entries lately

Bullet Journal 2

Sticking to the Finance theme this is my savings page which I started after my holiday in New York. Now is the time for me to start thinking about the future and the expense of that as well as the expenses in the picture above! I aim to save a certain amount each month in order to better afford things. The doodle next to it is something I saw off of Pinterest and liked!

Bullet Journal 3

My August Tracker page and Blogpost ideas. I didn’t finish this months tracker as I overwhelmed by work and went away on holiday and left my bullet journal behind. I have continued the trackers over into the last few months but this one was by the most colourful! As was this blogpost ideas page!

Weekly Spread

Bullet Journal 4

My weekly spread. This hasn’t changed much since the beginning, in facts it’s probably got smaller. Since my day mainly consists of working and it isn’t work that I can plan but rather get handed it is a lot harder to feel out my weekly calendars, but I still like making them nonetheless.

Bullet Journal 5

My Films page – I haven’t seen many movies lately! When I was at University, and before, I used to see at least 2 a month! Now I’m lucky if I see that amount over a few months it seems! Oh well, I still like this page.


Bullet Journal 6

My ‘Fall’ aka Autumn Favourites page. I was feeling artsy the other night and decided to have ago at a few little doodles off of Pinterest. Didn’t turn out bad all things considered.
Bullet Journal 7
And another doodle of a fence. I’ve been feeling that my pages have been a little bare lately so I just started going through and adding little doodles and random decorations and stickers on some of the pages to liven it up a little more.
And that is how I have been using my Bullet Journal! What about you? Share some links/posts if you have a bullet journal also I would love to see what/how you use yours!


Love Ellie x


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