Things I’ve Discovered Since Starting a Bullet Journal

Things I've Discovered Since startong a Bullet Journal

No one will be surprised when I say I love Bullet Journaling – I mention it in nearly every single Twitter Chat I take part in, I swear – but it has changed my life!


Since I am in a fairly complicated job with lots of tasks I need to juggle, I need something to help me keep on top of them as well as balance my blogs (I have two!) keep track of my editing/writing of my novel which next month I start crowdfunding for, with the Publisher Unbound! Not to mention adding my social life in there as well!

I need a Bullet Journal!

And these are the things I have discovered since starting a BuJo in June!

Things I’ve Discovered Since I Started a Bullet Journal


1.    I read a lot!

I have a monthly tracker in my journal which I use to track my social media usage, my reading, my blogging and my intake of coffee and Netflix. And I appear to read every day! I’m quite proud of this! Although I still wish I read more!

2.    I can’t Doodle

A lot of Bullet Journals have beautifully designed doodle pages and very artistic calligraphy running through it. I can’t do that. My bullet journal is decidedly very practical and colourful, but not necessarily ‘pretty’ which is fine, I mainly use it for utility reasons more than prettiness anyway!

3.    I don’t have to follow any plan

There is a basic plan for how to start a Bullet Journal online but after setting mine up I realised about 4-5 of those pages were redundant on me – the Future Log, the index etc. Since then I’ve made my own alterations and done what I felt I needed over what I felt was required in the Bullet Journal’s official plan. And I love it. It’s spontaneous and fits my personality and needs at that time.

4.    I shouldn’t use FiloFax’s or Planners

I tried so hard to get into planning before starting a Bullet Journal, but I ended up spending a load of money on planners/Filofaxes that held my attention for about 2-3 weeks and then I’d get bored and buy another one. I’ve yet to get bored of my bullet Journal and the only money I have spent has been about £20 on different colouring and drawing pens – because I do like to add a bit of colour to my journal and make tables and graphs. But I don’t need stickers, pins, paperclips, add-ins and other bits and bobs!

5.    I can plan my life effectively

I used to kind of wing my life. I’d turn up half an hour late for doctor’s appointments and forget University deadlines. But now I am actually fairly organised. There are days when I forget things or don’t look at my journal but for the most part, I have a plan for work, for day trips, fun things like watching TV series and reading plans. I also have a great scheduling system for my blog! I feel on top of things and don’t feel as overwhelmed as I used too. Although I always feel busy, which is actually kind of nice!

But there we go. Have you started a Bullet Journal? If so share any posts you’ve done it – I love reading about how other people use their journals!

Come and say hello on Twitter too! I’m always online now!

Love Ellie x

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    1. It’s fab! I love it! It’s made me so organised and it’s so much fun! I am just setting up my new bullet journal, so as soon as I’ve got that done I’ll do an update post with pics! I checked out your post – my god your bullet journal is stunning! Clear and colourful it’s brilliant! Definitively inspiring! 😀

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