The Blogger Tag

the blogger tag

The Blogger Tag

Today I am going to do a tag as I haven’t done one in an age! I came across this tag on the 20 Something Meltdown’s blog and I thought it was the perfect one to get me back into blogging after a minor slump!
So without further ado:
1.    How Tall Are You?
I am 5ft 6, roughly. Apparently average/perfect height for a woman. Not sure on what basis this is, but there you go.
2.    Do You Have A Hidden Talent? If So, What?
I really don’t think I have a hidden talent. I think if anything my talent is fiction writing. I’ve always loved it, and so far it’s been well-received so I think that is possibly my somewhat hidden talent.
3. What’s Your Biggest Blog-Related Pet Peeve?
Follow for Follows definitely! What is the point of following my blog or others, and making me follow yours if neither of us are going to read them and they’re just going to be a nuisance! Stats aren’t everything – I do this for fun! Not to build an audience of dolls!
4. What’s Your Biggest Non-Blog Related Pet Peeve?
I hate rude people. For example, I love Christmas Shopping – but I hate Christmas shoppers! People that push past you or have a go at you for using an umbrella when it’s raining or don’t say thank you when you hold a doororso much!
5. What’s Your Favourite Song?
Currently, I am partial to Christmas music. So anything Christmas related! Possibly – right now – Christmas Lights by Coldplay. I don’t have a definitive favourite song because I listen to such a variation of music! It changes weekly!
6. What’s Your Favourite Social Media Website?
Twitter! I love Twitter. I used to hate it and not understand it but lately having to use it for work and for fun I’ve really got into it. There are some twats out there, of course, who devote their time to ‘supposedly’ debunking twitter posts – normally my feminist ones! I’ve noticed – but the majority of people are great!
7. What’s Your Favourite Way To Spend Your Free Time When You’re Alone?
Writing. Whether it be writing a short story, novel, blog post or poetry I like writing when I’m alone. Normally whilst listening to music, drinking unhealthy things and eating chocolate! I also talk to myselfas I’m doing right now!
8. What’s Your Favourite Junk Food?
Chocolate! Without a doubt. I can eat my weight in it, and I probably have. One of my drawers at work has one of those massive Galaxy chocolate bars for those moments when I begin craving chocolate during the day, as I can’t concentrate unless I have some. I’m addicted.
9. Do You Have A Pet Or Pets? If So, What Kind And What Are Their Names?
I do! I have a gorgeous tortoiseshell cat called Wendy. We didn’t name her – our neighbours did, as she was previously their cat until we asked to keep her as they were moving away! They had two kids under 5 and a dog so they really didn’t care that much. – I love her to pieces!
10. What’s Your Favourite Fiction And Non-Fiction Books?
Oh God. Cliché: Harry Potter is my favourite fiction book
Non-Fiction: Spectacles by Sue Perkins. When a book makes you laugh, cry and call your mother you know it’s a good book!
11. What’s Your Favourite Beauty Product Or Tool?
I’m a high-street make-up girl, but Babylips are awesome! I think I have all of them now – bar the Pumpkin Spice, because I don’t like the colour – and I think they’re great! The Christmas ones are definitely the best! Pigmented, moisturising and they smell increddy!
12. When Were You Last Embarrassed? What Happened?
It was bound to come out eventuallywell

…When I went to see Harry Potter & the Cursed Child part 2 I was rushing to get the train and as I went down the escalator at Piccadilly Circus I was blocked by three people standing on the left (left is for walking, right is for standing) and I went to shout ‘Oi!’ but it came out like a squeak, a really embarrassing squeak.

I noticed the man next to me was laughing and I turned to look at himand it was none other than Sir Patrick Stewart. Laughing at me. For squeaking.
And my very words, to Sir Patrick Stewart, were: ‘I’m a very impatient woman.
13. If You Could Only Drink One Beverage (Besides Water) For The Rest Of Your Life, What Would It Be?
Very boringly: Tropicana Orange Juice, no bits.
14. What’s Your Favourite Movie?
Gone With the Wind is my ultimate fave, but I also adore The Devil Wears Prada, The Holiday and Freedom Writers. I have so many movies it is unreal!
15. What Was Your Favourite Lesson In School And Why?
Drama! I loved Drama. For most people, it was mess-around time but I took it really seriously and I loved it.
16. If You Could Live Anywhere In The World, Where Would You Live?
Cape Cod, Massachusetts in America. It is full of history, is incredibly beautiful and it’s America! Who wouldn’t!
17. PC Or Mac?
PC. I’ve never owned a Mac, but I will eventually I think.
18. Last Romantic Gesture From A Crush, Date, Boy/Girlfriend, Spouse? (Or Kind Gesture From A Friend)
ErmRomance? What is that?
19. Favourite Celebrity?
I have so many! But anything Emma Thompson does, from choosing between wine and high heels, pretending to be Jane Austen at the Golden Globes, using a line originally said by Robbie Williams on the Graham Norton show in Bridget Jones’s Baby, is just amazing! I love her.
20. What Blogger Do You Secretly Want To Be Best Friends With?
Ohprobably Gwennan from 20 Something Meltdown. I read her blog religiously as I can find some many things to connect to!
21. Who Is Your Biggest Inspiration?
Probably Tara from Cattitude, just because she does not hold back and it’s inspiring and her content is just amazing! I highly suggest you check her out if you don’t already!
22. What Is Your Favourite Blog To Read?
I don’t have one favourite but 20 Something Meltdown, Cattitude, Ginevrella, Elleanor Wears, My Little Memoir, Eleaanor May (A lot of bloggers are called Eleanor! Have you noticed!)
23. What Is Your Favourite High Street Shop?
Primark. I wish it were somewhere classier but I love it. I can’t walk past it. Followed by Peacocks and Waterstones.
24. Are You In Education Or Do You Work?
I have recently left Education and I am working! At a specialist recruitment agency that helps people find jobs in Publishing!
25. One Thing You Are Proud Of.
I am proud that I have carried on blogging. It was a method of escapism in my first year of University and it hasn’t necessarily grown into platform or a worldwide viral attachment, that was never the aim, but it has helped me in so many things! Meeting new people, discovering my career, developing my career etc! And I am proud that it has continued over 2 and a half years and evolved into two blogs!
Well there we go! The Blogger tag! It was really fun to do! And I think other people should do it too so I tag:
Elleanor Wears:
Pretty much the bloggers that I mentioned before who I don’t think have done the tag yet! But if anyone else wants to have a go – GO FOR IT – and tag me or comment to let me so that I can read them all!
Love Ellie x

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  1. I LOVED this! I'm so glad you took the tag on, I never like to tag people in case they feel obliged but I'm so glad you did it!

    Absolute tune with Coldplay's Christmas song, such a good one! Wendy is amazing name and your embarrassing story was AMAZING! I wouldn't be embarrassed, that's your claim to fame and SUCH a good story to bring out at parties!

    Also mega thanks for mentioning me as a fav blog <3 <3 And we could totally be blogging besties obvs <3


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