August Blog Challenge & Life Update

August Blog Challenge and Life Update

August Blog Challenge & Life Update

This is a WARNING postI am going to be a little lax in the blogging department at the minute.

I’ve just started my first full-time job, in London. Which means commuting during rush hour, plus an 8 hour day. Its totals up to about a 13 hour day, give or take, and it’s great.

Today went really well and hopefully, it’ll only get better. Because of this and the new adjustment, it means that blogging this week will cease with this post butI intend to complete a blogging challenge in August in which I post, or schedule a post, every day – not every day on my blog but also on my Instagram and Twitter so watch out!

All links down below!

The list of blogposts to come is listed down below and I invite anyone looking to get out of a blogging slump or wanting to complete a blog challenge along with me!
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      INSTAGRAM: EllesBellesBookshelf

August Blogging Challenge

1.    A photo of yourself and a description of how you day was – INSTAGRAM
2.    A photo of something you ate today – INSTRAGRAM
3.    Your favourite store
4.    Your favourite photograph of your best friend –BLOG/INSTAGRAM
5.    A photo of yourself two years ago – BLOG/INSTAGRAM
6.    A photo of an animal you’d love to keep as a pet – BLOG
7.    Your dream wedding
8.    A song and photo to match your mood
9.    A photo of the item you last purchased – BLOG/INSTAGRAM
10.  A photo of your favourite place to eat – BLOG/INSTAGRAM
11.  What’s in your make-up bag?
12.  A photograph of town you live in – BLOG/INSTAGRAM
13.  Your favourite musician and why?
14.  A TV show you’re currently addicted to
15.  Something you don’t leave your house without
16.  A photo of you and your family – BLOG/INSTAGRAM
17.  Your celebrity crush.
18.  Something you crave a lot.
19.  Another picture of yourself – INSTAGRAM
20.  The meaning behind your blog name.
21.  A photo of something that makes you happy- INSTAGRAM
22.  Bullet your whole day
23.  20 facts about you
24.  What’s in your purse?
25.  Something that you miss.
26.  Think back to how you were 5 years ago. How have you changed since back then?
27.  Put your iPod shuffle and list the first ten songs
28.  Your favourite movie
29.  Something you could never get tired of doing
30.  A photograph of yourself today & three good things that have happened in the past 30 days – BLOG/INSTAGRAM
The posts themselves won’t be the world’s best work but they will get me into a rhythm and be fun to prepare and post!
Let me know what you think and if you’d like to join in the challenge!
Love Ellie x


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