August Blog Challenge | Day 5: Photo of yourself from 2 years ago

Day 5

Day 5: Photo of Yourself From 2 Years Ago

A photo of me two years ago. I know that saying ‘’oh I hate that photo of me’ is such a cliché soI don’t mind this one.


Out of the photos taken of me in the year 2014 this is fine. The others not so much.

The summer of 2014, i.e. 2 years ago, was a good one, in the sense that I attended a wedding, a massive family party and lots of other parties. But it was also the summer after my first year of University, which wasn’t great.

In short terms I got depression. Not majorly, thankfully, but enough to make me feel pretty low about myself for quite a while.

I came back from University, having spent most of my time there alone, drinking litre bottles of coke every night and watching every American TV show that was running. I was very down and somewhat aware but mostly not.

It was an early-life crisis and that entailed changes that weren’t good for me, for example: red/orange hair, wearing oversized jumpers and dresses, not smiling and if I had to smile smiling awkwardly, working overtime at a job I disliked and over-thinking and over-worrying about everything without realising it mostly.

It was a time that I came out of for the better but I am so glad it was two years ago and not now because when I look back, even at this okay photo, I realise how much I struggled then.

Oh well. Positivity. Now I have a good job, relatively good style/hairstyle, a writing career and I smile a lot more.

If two years has taught me anything – besides that of socialising, experimenting and worrying less – it is how to smile.

Love Ellie x

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