ABC | Day 20: The Meaning Behind your Blog Name

Day 20

Day 20: The Meaning Behind your Blog Name

My blog name is: EllesBellesGradBlog. Techically it is the sister-blog to my book blogger: EllesBellesBookshelf. The joint factor being EllesBelles.


That’s my nickname, or one of them.

My name is Eleanor which means I have a lot of nicknames. Some of them are not great but these are some of the most popular:

      Ellie (obvious)


      Smelly Ellie


      Smellanora (My sister’s favourite)


      Eli – pronounced E – Lie




My mother, grandfather, work colleagues and my old teacher used to call me EllesBelles and I just think it sounds pretty.

But the reason I chose it was because when I started my blogs I was working my summer job at a garden centre and everyone in the centre had a nickname: Chuckles, Benji, Kitten, Slippers etc. And mine was EllesBelles. I was just used to being called it, I guess.

Love Ellie x

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