ABC | Day 13 & 14: Favourite Musician & Favourite TV show

Day 13

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Day 13: Your Favourite Musician and why?

My favourite musician is Sleeping at Last, i.e. Ryan O’Neal an American Singer-Songwriter. I’d be surprised if people hadn’t heard his songs, even if they have never heard of him or his moniker.


Anyone that has seen any American TV show like Grey’s Anatomy, Jane the Virgin or Private Practice will have heard his music, anyone who has seen Twilight: Breaking Dawn part one or part two will have heard his music. Anyone who has seen the Natwest advert with the fisherman’s son loses the scarf will have heard his music!

He is the ultimate alternative-musician. He is classed as an alternative-rock singer but he’s not. At least he doesn’t seem like it.

Take a listen to Saturn below and you’ll see what I mean.


I find his music moving and ethereal, sometimes fun and a bit like a more musical version of Passenger.

His songs inspire my writing – and are great for background listening music – they can make me feel better when I’m feeling rough and I just like listening to them.

He does covers as well which are also great!


Day 14: A TV show you’re currently addicted to?

I’ve actually just finished this TV show, but by-god I was obsessed! That series is: Gilmore Girls!  I had never watched it – I know, shocker! – but after I heard about this Netflix revival I thought I would check it out.
It’s amazing!

I am in love! I want to live in Stars Hollow and drink coffee and attend Chilton and work at the Dragonfly Inn! It is just a soft drama about a town and a mother who had a teenage pregnancy and the fraught relationship she has with her parents and the fabulous relationship she has with her now teenage daughter!

It is full of quirky pop-culture references which are great – if you get them! (They’re beginning to become aged) It has a fantastic cast with some actors we now know as completely different characters:

      Sookie St James – Melissa McCarthy – the hilarious best friend who’s now the leading woman!


      Dean – Jared Padelecki – the now hunky hunter in Supernatural!


Both of whom are returning for the revival! Ahhh! I can’t wait! J Coming November 21st on Netflix in four feature-length episodes! I will be watching this whilst guzzling gallons of coffee in the future!

Love Ellie x

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