ABC | Day 10: Your Favourite Place to Eat

Day 10

Day 10: Your Favourite Place to Eat

My favourite place to eat is a little café up the road called Eureka Café. It is a greasy spoon kind of diner – without so much grease I’m happy to say!

The portions are massive and so reasonable it is ridiculous. My family can often be found attending a sneaky brunch there – when we can pack ourselves in with the brunch crowd who are their daily!

The food is great, the waitresses are lovely and we are so well-known in there that occasionally the cooks come out and say hello too!

Be it an omelet, baguette, Breakfast number 2 or simply a coffee it is a really comfortable, relaxed atmosphere and I always come away full and happy. What more can you want?

Honourable mentions go to:

      Ed’s Diner – I don’t eat here enough (prices/locations) for it to be my favourite but the milkshakesoh my god!


      Pizza Express – Got to love a decent Italian Pizza


      American Diner – I’m getting the sense I like diner food (this one is another local but a tad more grease than I like)


     Amicii’s – another local and another Italian – the food is to die for, but all good foods are expensive and this place is no exception. Birthday meals only folks.


Love Ellie x

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