April Favourites 2017

April Favourites

April Favourites 2017

I can’t believe we’re in May already. This year is flying by and I don’t know if this is a good thing or not, particularly in the current political climate. I feel like we’re facing a Cold War. But anyway, I’m here to discuss happier things: my April Favourites!

I have some weird and wacky favourites this month, some TV shows, lots of reading and writing faves and also a YouTube favourite which won’t be to everyone’s taste but I enjoy.


I am a hypocrite. Years ago I used to refuse to read on kindles, I didn’t agree with them, I was paperback/hardback girl all the way. I also used to refuse to brush my hair because I didn’t agree with stringent beauty regimes. Yes, I have an odd mind. Anyway over the last year, particularly with commuting, I have become very attached to my kindle! I am using it daily, reading so many books you wouldn’t believe and read a lot quicker now as well! Win Win! I apologise to Kindle and to Kindle readers everywhere.


This is a carry-on favourite. I am so into reading right now! You can check out my reading wrap up here! I read 9 books last month. This may not seem a lot to some readers but with my job, commuting, blogging and writing this is quite a lot for me! I have been utterly addicted to reading and I’m so happy as it’s really boosting my writing flow.


Another carry over! I have been writing a new novel since February 2017 – after a yearlong case of writer’s block – and now I’m about 50 pages away from finishing it! I can’t believe. I’ve written a solid novel in less than 3 months! Even I’m shocked. It could be utter crap but hell I wrote a novel in 3 months! And I’ve loved every second – mostly taking my lunch breaks in Starbucks and writing in my Cath Kidston notebooks! So hipster, I know.

One Tree Hill

The first TV favourite is OTH. I have been revisiting the series over Easter and I just forget how much I loved this programme. I am only on season 6 right now – arguably the best season now to series 4 – and I’m looking forward to catching up on the rest over the coming weekends. It is a travesty that OTH is not on Netflix!

OTH gif


Speaking of Netflix, I’m really enjoying Girlboss. I know there is some controversy at the moment with Sophie Amurosso and her company filing for bankruptcy with a lot of backlash from former employees and just the general business world, but I’m choosing to look at this series as a ‘rags to riches’ TV show rather than a semi-real story. Britt Robertson has completely changed herself from anything I’ve previously seen her in! Gone are the blonde curls and cheesy smiles as she falls in love with countless leading men. Now she’s her own leading lady! Good for her!

Tom Hark by the Piranhas

So I love 80s music – see my 80s Playlist for more on this – and recently I’ve discovered a song which is quite frankly my new happy song. It is a Tom Hark by the Piranhas. It’s short, catchy and addictive. Even if it’s about war, it feels quite timely in fact. Have a listen if you like 80s music!


This is the odd one. There is a community on YouTube called ASMR artists. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response which is a ‘feeling’, some would say condition, where whispering, different noises just crackling paper, water, brushing etc, can trigger ‘tingles’ in a person’s head. I told you it was weird. But I am one of those people. Now these ‘tingles’ are in no way sexual – which a lot of people think it is – actually it’s more like the equivalent of someone hypnotising you or giving you a scalp massage. It’s just really relaxing. I usually listen to ASMR videos when I’m stressed, can’t sleep or in pain as I find them quite soothing. But like I say, for some people it works and other’s it doesn’t. This month I was little stressed so I was listening to a few and I just thought: I’m going to include this in my favourites!

There we have it. This month’s favourites. What were your favourites? Any TV shows, albums, songs, YouTube channels or books you would recommend? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Ellie x

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    1. Got to love One Tre Hill! I’ve heard very mixed reviews about Santa Clarita Diet (I’m not good with gore and apparently there’s some vomiting blood involved??) But I might take a look – I’ll need a new Netflix series soon! 🙂

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