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This is me! 🙂 On a windy day.

I am a 21-year-old publishing professional, currently working in Publishing recruitment, but aspiring to work within the publicity and marketing departments of a trade publisher in Britain!

Also, I am a writer of several published short stories and poems. In addition I am currently Crowdfunding to get my novel published on the crowdfunding for books platform: Unbound! See here for more details and to pledge for a copy of the book and more!

EllesBellesNotebook is my rebranded and self-hosted blog! I’ve moved from my original blogs EllesBellesGradBlog & EllesBellesBookshelf across to WordPress from Blogger! So to all those followers that have moved with me: You’re the Best! I cover topics from Books, Lifestyle, Politics, University, Bullet Journals, Graduation, Careers, Relationships and more!

As well as Blogging, Writing, and Working I am also heavily active on Social Media so make sure you check that out and come and say hello!

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