A Few of my Favourite Things: October Edition

I love autumn! I love the colours, the freshness, the smell and Starbucks coffees! I mean, who doesn’t like a spiced latte after a day at university.

I sound so hipster it kills me.

But I love autumn and October, to me, is really the beginning of autumn. September is a birthday month-settling-down-to-university-month, it is not autumn for me.

We’re getting that blustery wind with the warm sunshine at the minute, here at university, and it got me thinking about autumn and what it means to me.

So I wrote a list

1.   University
A dull one to start off with, but it does make me think of October. It’s the beginning of the new year (and my last year!) and I’ve got that mix of excitement and anticipation which I know will be dead by the first week of November, so I cherish it for now.

2.   Big Scarves

A random one. You only get to wear this lovely accessory around Autumn and Winter and I really miss them. I’m an odd duck. I have a few large scarves and two of them are green. I like green yellow is my favourite, but I like green scarves nothing is better than feeling warm and snug in your scarves.

3.   Candles

I love candles! They smell divine if you get the divine smelling ones and they look pretty! J

4.   Writing

As a writer this is kind of a whole-year thing but I always feel really inspired in October. I came up with two of my main story ideas in October, my short story that is being published was first drafted in October. October is my good-writing month.

5.   Hot Drinks

This can be anything from Hot Chocolate to Black Coffee or a decaf, soy milk, vanilla spice latte. (Yes I have ordered the last one soy milk is gross)

6.   Books

I get to snuggle up in my big jumpers or my bed throw with a book and transport myself into a whole other world! Yippee!

7.  Red Lipsticks

I like a bit colour on my lips, most of the time I wear the same old make-up day-in and day-out, Autumn time is time for me to wear a bit of red or a bit of berry.

I am ignoring any comments or reference to clowns I direct this comment to my sister..!

8.   Nature

View from my window 🙂
Slightly cheesy but I love the animals and landscapes of autumn. Only yesterday I ran into a squirrel who stopped and sniffed my shoes (dangerous occupation) before running up a tree. It was so sweet. I also love the crunch of the leaves under my feet, the swaying of the tree branches outside my window and the general sunsets I get to watch every night!

9. Sleep!!!
I’m back at University, which really means one thing: Sleep! I get to lie in nearly every morning (my lectures aren’t until 3) My life is wonderful right now. Go to University, pay £9000 and get the best rests of your life.
10.   Television!

All my American TV shows are back! Yay! I’ve missed my superhero-disney princesses-supernatural fighters-and-posh British aristocrats! So instead of sleeping I am actually:

October, I salute you.

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