A Few of my Favourite Things: November Edition

We are mid-way through the month and I have chosen my monthly favourites because I am loving November!

The weather is getting colder, we’re getting close to Christmas and I am very much anticipating it this year! Family, Food and Festivities! What’s not to love! But the month is November, and not December, and I must not get ahead of myself too much.

My favourites for this month include:

1.   Gingerbread Lattes

Costa won the battle for the best Festive Drink this year! (Story Starbucks) Got to love the Christmas packaging as well! Anyone else doing a collection of ‘Christmas Cups’ this year??

2.   My New Coat

Since I got my interview I felt I had to get a new ‘interview outfit’ but I couldn’t find anything in shops that wasn’t bright red, or covered in glitter for the festive season, so I purchased a coat. Not only is it practical and warm, it is also gorgeous! I love it!


3.   Boots

 Recently I have had a few sneaky trips into Primark and I found these gorgeous shoes for £10! When do you ever find a lovely pair of shoes for £10 let alone boots? I had to have them, and I love them.


4.   Christmas Adverts

Okayno matter where you look you will find a Christmas Advert and I love it! I was a little, not disappointed, but confused by the John Lewis advert I get that it is the man on the moon, and it is sweet – but it is also a man peering into a girls bedroom and her sending a present by balloons to the moonbut I still like it! No shame! Also, who doesn’t love Mog the Cat for Sainsbury’s!


5.   Pret A Manger

I have been living off Salmon and Cream Sandwiches! Oh mouth-wateringly good! A bit pricey but I don’t care. They are my favourite food of the moment!


6.   Reading on Trains

I have been travelling by train a lot lately and my reading habits are going swell because of it. So far I have enjoyed sitting enraptured in Lord of the Rings and Year of Wonders and I can’t wait to start commuting to get some more reading done.


7.  Charity Shops

How I act in Charity Shops!
 My hometown is full of charity shops, and anyone who watched my Internship Vlog will know that, I love Charity shops. You can get some good clothes in there, for a bargain, but I mainly go in there for books. And lately a lot of the charity shops I’ve visited have had great books! A bargain as a well as charity. Got to love it.


8.   Once Upon a Time

So many feelings!!
OkOUAT is on Netflix and I am back on it, after falling off the bandwagon last seasonEmma is Dark Swan and the twists are killing me! Merida and Merlin and uhh! I love it.


9.   Notebooks

 I own too many notebooks, yet I never have one when I need it. That is why I own too many I keep buying them, but I don’t mind because their kind of my addiction alongside books and chocolate.


10. Adele

My reaction when there’s a huge gust of wind that ruins my hair…
Another popular one for the month, I’m sure, but Adele has returned! I didn’t really get her a few years ago, I liked some of her songs, but they were a little depressing and angsty but now with ‘Hello’ (which I cannot stop listening to) I am falling under the Adele-Spell. I will be watching her Graham Norton Interview this week. Anyone else joining me??


So there are some of my November Favourites. I am enjoying myself this month and I cannot wait for it to be ChristmasI am denying my urge to listen to Wham! As we speak and my poor boyfriend is getting badgered daily to just let me watch ‘Elf!’ Come on! Fireworks day is over and we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I just want it to be Christmas already!!!

Butuntil December I shall be patient and simply prepare for Christmas by updating my Xmas playlist, present wrapping and keeping my eyes peeled for my next Christmas jumper.

Hehe, I know so many of you are shaking your heads and telling me to wait right now! Sorry can’t! I love this time of year!




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  1. I love charity shops, too!! I don't usually look at the clothes, as I run straight to the bookshelves haha! I'll definitely make sure I remember to look at the clothes next time I visit 🙂 Oh and notebooks,books and chocolate?! are you sure we're not twins? haha. They're some of the best things in life 🙂 I hope you've been able to watch Elf! xx

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