5 Fun Things To Do By Yourself

5 Fun Things to do by yourself

5 Fun Tings To Do By Yourself

So many people are going to think this is a sad post. Oh bless hershe has to do things by herself.

Yeah. And. I love it!
Trust me, Loner suits me. I have my friends and my family and I have had relationships and the majority of the time I just want to be left alone.
As a writer, I cannot write a novel with someone talking to me at the same time. I can’t even do it with someone sat next to me. It’s probably why I hate people sitting next to me on trains as I get my best ideas on trains!
Anyway TANGENT here are several things you can do by yourself.

Go Shopping!


Look at that no having to wait for anyone, or carry anyone else’s bags, you don’t have to lie and say something looks good (unless it’s for yourself) or make small-talk unless you want to. Oh perfect. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind shopping with other people but I always get to that point where I’d rather just be without my companions particularly when birthday/Christmas shopping. Espionage whilst shopping is not fun.

Go for a Walk


How many times have I been asked ‘Ellie, why do you just go wandering by yourself?’ BECAUSE I GET TO PLAY LOUD MUSIC AND IGNORE THE WORLD! It is the most calming thing it often leads to chocolate from my local shop too what could be better. Sunshine is best not too warm, or the sticky sweat comes into play but I like walking in the rain as well. I’m just weird.



I’ve never understood why people go swimming in groups. You end up sitting in the corner of the swimming pool or the Jacuzzi chatting and not actually swimming. The clue is in the title people you go swimming to SWIM! so I go on my own. I get a minimum of 15 laps and work off so many more calories than just moving my mouth and giggling at boys in short shorts.

Get a Coffee


Take a book, your laptop, a colouring book (they’re all the craze) or simply go for a coffee. It’s not weird, it’s relaxing. You can people-watch, work, catch up on social media or blog. Sometimes you just need to get out of the house and you shouldn’t have to make plans or being invited out to do so. It’s your life, live it preferably with coffee.

Spa Day


NowI have a stressful family. The stories I could tell what make Eastenders look dull. So occasionally I need a little ‘me-time’ by having a spa day. I don’t just mean shaving my legs and putting on some lippie I mean face masks and foot spas, exfoliation and creams. Relaxation in summer time I mean sun lotion, sun-bathing, magazines, and music. I can feel the tension coming off me already.
There are so many other things you can do by yourself as well: go to the cinema (it’s not as weird as you think you can’t talk to a person whilst you’re in there so why bring them?) Pottery Painting (my new found favourite) going on a museum day or a trip to London, binge watching a TV series but hard-core style (popcorn, pillows, litre of pepsithe works!)
This is the time of year when I feel people need to be self-confident and free. Live a little and have fun. There’s so much you can do and enjoy! Just go for it. It’s not weird or embarrassing it’s actually quite freeing.


Love Ellie x

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