My 21st Birthday | Personal

My 21st Birthday

My 21st Birthday

I’m 21 years old! Finally well not finally, I’ve only just turned 21 and it is terrifying.
I am well and truly out of my teens and what with leaving University and getting my results back the day before my birthday and having a job interview it feels scary!
Sowhat did I do? Well I didn’t go out and get drunk, or even really see anyone.
I got upgot hugged by my parents I’m the baby of three kids so they’re feeling the 21 years more than I am! got blasted with Happy Birthday by Altered Images on extra loud and then opened presents!


I am one very lucky girl.
I’m going to New York in August with my bestie, and I knew this long before my birthday, but because everyone else knew as well it meant that I was gifted with a long of pennies to pen whilst I’m over there.
Yes. It should be compulsory that every 21 year old gets a cuddly toy for their birthday. I already have Tinkerbell from when I was 10/11 years old, so now I have a Peter Pan as well! Yay! Tink has a friend! And, no shame, I went to bed cuddling them both last night!
In addition, I got the world’s best handbag from Yoshi it has books on it! Get in!


And lots of other stuff. Like I said: one very lucky girl!
Then I went for breakfast with my parents, older sister and parent’s best friends who are basically my godparents! which was very nice and then we headed into town to do a spot of shopping.
I’m trying to be sensible with money, what with having no-job, so I didn’t buy much and what I did was basics that I needed: concealer and pens. Exciting, right.
Then for the main entertainment of the day my parents, sister and I went to the local manor house for a spot of afternoon tea.
Sister and Dad @ the Manor


I was in my element. My sisternot so much.
We went into the bar first and had some Pimms also my sister may have got the world’s most expensive Archers and lemonade: £10.70 for a glass! WTF! And then we headed to the library for tea.
I had my standard peppermint tea (and Pimms), salmon sandwiches and was extremely liberal with cream on my fruitless scones.
A gorgeous storm erupted as we sat inside I love that kind of rain, it leaves the most gorgeous scent and we just relaxed. We didn’t make it to the cakes which had to come home with us, as we were so full or sandwiches, scones, and anecdotal stories!


It was still raining when we left so I had to wade through a huge puddle of water in open-toed sandals but it made for a funny end to the day!
And then all that was left was for me to claim the television to watch The Musketeers before joining my dad and sister for the remaining 30 minutes of England vs Russia (oh the disappointment!)
But it was a wonderful day! Probably my best birthday ever very relaxed and very me.
So thank you to everyone that made it a lovely day particularly my parents who spoilt me rotten I am a very blessed young lady!


Love Ellie x
P.S. Spot the mistake in the lovely dessert the chef at the Manor made me!



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