21 Things To Do On Your 21st Birthday

21 Things to do on your 21St Birthday

So I am a studentI’m slightly poorslightly soberslightly boredand a little creative.

My best friend was turning 21 and didn’t have any major plans to celebrateso I took over! And created the The List!The List of 21 things she should do on her 21st birthday and we completed it!

It was great fun! We had such a lovely day, hopefully her in particularly since it was her birthday!

We shared our antics on facebook and I realised today at work that quite a few people enjoyed following our mad day so why not share it on my (slightly neglected) life blog! So here goes:

The List

1.   Play in a Play-Park

2.   Drink an ‘Adult’ Cocktail bonus points if you get the bartender to buy it for you!

3.   Get a Tattoo

4.   Get your whole face painted

5.   Find something with a Kangaroo on it and buy it

6.   Build a Sandcastle

7.  Complete a Crossword Puzzle

8.   Stand on a bench and shout ‘I shall rule Middle-Earth’

9.   Find a coin from your birth year

10. Write a Letter and leave it in a bookstore (Make a copy of it first)

11. Eat a food you have never eaten for lunch

12. Get a Piggyback ride

13. Answer all the questions in your ‘life notebook’

14. Leave your names and D.O.B somewhere memorable

15. Have a Paint Fight on the Beach

16. Draw a picture

17.High-Five 21 Random People

18. Send a Text Message who is 21st in your contacts list asking them if they have a Goldfish First Aid Kit

19. Bark every time you see a dog even mid-way through conversation

20. (To Remain a secret until rest of the challenges are completed) Bury a Time Capsule containing: the letter, the coin, the kangaroo, something from the place you ate, the picture

21. (To Remain a secret until the rest of the challenges are completed) Run in the sea fully dressed!

So there were the challenges and the outcomes of each.

We had an absolute blast! And I can’t wait for it to be my 21stbirthday as Freyja and I are going to New York and are completing of list on 21 things to do in your New York! Woo!

Now I’ve got to start planning something for Freyja’s 22nd so she doesn’t end up like this:

Can’t wait! Enjoy! J

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